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Eat A Peach: Lately I’ve Really Been Craving Oral Servitude!

Hello, Horny Readers!

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Allman Brothers, but Eat A Peach is such an evocative title, even if unintentionally.  As the months tick slowly by before my Boyfriend comes back into town for the warm season, I’ve been availing myself more and more often of the use of one of our submissives for the purposes of oral servitude.

He’s ideal, out of all of them, for the privilege.  He begs for all of his orgasms to take place in the company of both My Boyfriend and Myself (he loves to suck cock for Me), so he is a submissive in chastity until such a time as he is allowed to finish after we are finished with him.  This adds just the right flavor to our sessions together, where the only outlet for any arousal he might feel from having my creamy-wet pussy perched on his mouth is to eat Me deeper, flick My clit faster, and let the vibrations of his muffled moans of lust and frustration contribute even more to My satisfaction.

I like to use my slave for physical pleasure, but that physical pleasure is informed heavily by the psychological pleasure that comes from objectification   More often than not, our sessions together aren’t sensual, pillow-princess liedowns where I close my eyes, lay back, and spread my legs, allowing him to work what ever techniques seem to suit him best.  My slave’s face becomes a sex toy, and I prefer to experience the classic posture of queening, where he leans back on a special stool with shorter than usual legs and a padded ramp leading from the floor to the seat.  It’s the perfect height for Me to sit, knees spread and at a 90 degree angle, directly over My sex toy’s face.

I lean on the chair back with one elbow, and reach down to keep a firm grip on the lock of hair at the front of his head, enabling Me to direct the angle of it in what ever way suits Me as I grind furiously back and forth and in circles with My hips.  After a protracted session of such oral Goddess worship, his face, from eyebrows to chin, is often shiny with My nectar.  And if it matters how he feels about that, he says he wouldn’t have it any other way.  He often wears My glaze for the rest of the day.  Isn’t that sweet?

When My Boyfriend returns for the summer, I’m sure our slave’s duties will continue, albeit most often with the added component of creampie cleanup.  But these past weeks since the winter holidays ended and I’ve been going through withdrawal from My Boyfriend’s masterful cock and superior Alpha-infused lovemaking skills, I have relied on and enjoyed the absolute devotion of My slave!

16 comments to Eat A Peach: Lately I’ve Really Been Craving Oral Servitude!

  • dave

    Yes perfect place for a slave. Such a wonderful position worshipping his Mistress in the most intimate way.

    Then having to serve your boyfriends stud cock and creampie clean up. I cannot think of a better life except maybe having some girltime with a trip to the salon for mani/pedis then shopping to get some sexy lingerie to welcome back your boyfriend.

  • mike

    I loved this! Very hot and evocative post! But, as much as you dig The Who you really should give “Eat a Peach” another try…It’s always fun to try eating a peach more than once 🙂

  • little1

    Mistress Rachel little1 would love to be queened and directed like that and cum away with your nectar all over his face.there is nothing like the reward of your Mistress’ screams from eating her to multiple orgasms.

  • subthomas

    This would be heaven Mistress Rachel. Do you have a picture of that chair that you can post?

    • Hello subthomas! Once again, I sort of thought of you when I wrote that!

      I’d be okay with posting a picture of the chair, but for some reason my boyfriend isn’t. He built it, and feels very personal about it as a gift for me and only me. Same reason why he doesn’t want me sharing pictures of my bare pussy and such. Sorry!

  • Alice Wonder

    Hi Rachel!

    I must confess, one of the first things I did when I had Internet was look up sex positions.

    There was one I found called “presenting the peach” where the woman was on her knees with her legs apart slightly, with her back arched so that here breasts were against the floor, from behind giving the perfect view of her pussy.

    I don’t know if it would be a comfortable position for her to receive cunnilingus or not, I suspect it might be hard on her back to maintain it, but it’s the only position I remember from back then, so it must have really turned me on.

    I never thought of “Georgia Peach” the same way again.

    • Hi Alice!

      I’ve been in that position before when being eaten, and at least from my experience, no amount of yoga I’ve done has made that position comfortable for more than a few minutes. But it sure does turn my boyfriend on to see me that way, and the thought of the image itself kind of turns me on too! lol

  • jim

    dear Rachel,

    I have a very strong visceral urge to provide oral to females and always have. Early on this
    seemed to be a way I could provide gratification (when I was not so sure I would other ways) but now it has become stronger and I fantasize about women having me do this and not ‘getting’ to do anything else. In “real life” it is a strong urge to do this for very prolonged periods of time. My sense is it is a submissive thing and not super common?

    • Hi jim! Welcome to my blog!

      I’m sure there are lots of men out there who would consider themselves “givers” rather than “receivers”, or at least get as much out of making a woman cum as cumming themselves, but that doesn’t necessarily make them submissive. The submissive aspect, I think, is related to the control the woman may or may not have in the situation. You give her pleasure, but are not allowed to have any yourself. It’s different than choosing to put her first out of generosity. Know what I mean?

  • Jennifer

    Possibly boring info : What I heard was that – the band named that album “Eat A Peach” in memory of Duane because he died when he actually ran his motorcycle into the back of a peach truck in Georgia. So they got a double meaning out of it.

  • jenlee

    Yes that is the eat a peach story, but i like to eat a peach full of cream!

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