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Humiliation Through Ass Worship

Hello, Horny Readers!

You know, I’ve always said that body worship was only tangentially of interest to Me. I’m talking about having a slave using his mouth on My pussy for the purposes of making Me cum, or fondling and sucking My tits, things like that.  I’ve engaged in it a bit in face-to-face life, but for the purposes of Femdom phone sex, it’s not something that has really appealed to me.  I don’t masturbate during sessions, so even if I *were* interested in facilitating those fantasies, it would be hard to translate that way.

That said, recently I’ve engaged a new slave who was extremely persistent, who had his heart set on a session with Me in which his love of ass worship would be the main feature.  He begged even after I said no several times.  I told him there would be no moaning and groaning (unless it was from him), I told him I had about five minutes worth of stuff to say about having his face buried between the cheeks of My ass, I told him he’d likely be much happier with someone else who actually enjoyed the subject matter as a main course rather than a garnish.  He would not be dissuaded.

It turned out to be one of the most entertaining sessions I’ve had in a long time!

What made the difference, you may ask?  It was the fact that it wasn’t the thought of making Me orgasm from it that turned him on, but the humiliation inherent in being someone’s ass slave, of being degraded because of his perverted desires.  And if you know anything about Me, you know that humiliation and degradation are two of My favorite things!

It honestly didn’t take much.  I spent the entire session talking about different circumstances in which his job would be eating My asshole, and laughing giddily at his ecstatic response to these simple words.  How, if he were My live-in ass slave, he’d get in the shower with Me, sitting back on his heels, and use his tongue to make sure My rosebud was squeaky clean while I shampooed My hair. His face would be part of My seat cushion as I worked at the desk in My home office (a form of queening).  Heck, if I had an itch somewhere in the vicinity of My ass crack, I’d snap My fingers and he’d scurry over to scratch it for Me–with his face.  And for punishment?  I’d write Miss Rachel’s Ass Slave on his forehead in Sharpie marker, which he would almost be able to wash off, but the shadow of which would remain, when he walked into work the next day.

Readers, he squirted like a geyser.

I guess the lesson I learned is that even if a kink doesn’t arouse Me on the face of it, a few tweaks can make it work! Especially if one of the tweaks is adding in humiliation and degradation to something that otherwise wouldn’t be My forte.  Humiliation and degradation turns a garnish into a meal!

11 comments to Humiliation Through Ass Worship

  • Now, Ms. Rachel, THIS is a superb post, one that had me nodding, smiling, and regularly giggling from the beginning to the end. I have to say that I’ve had similar experiences to what you describe with Mr. Ass Addict here, where a particular fantasy or fetish didn’t really cause a blip on my radar, yet the requester approached it in a way that sparked my enthusiasm and enjoyment. I’ve also had the opposite occur, where a particular topic that is of great personal interest fell flat for me in session.

    I think it all boils down to interaction and the resulting dynamic that is created within that. This is why I never give a straightforward answer to that generic “What fantasies/fetishes do you most enjoy in a session?” question. What I enjoy most are those “few tweaks” you mention that create a dynamic and outcome you might not expect under typical circumstances.

    Well done, Ms. Rachel!! 🙂

    • Hello Miss EmmaJane!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

      I think what both you and I refer to are not only the literal approach, but the chemistry that needs to be there. You made a really good point about how sometimes on the surface the kink itself might be within the realm of our interest, but something is missing that keeps it from going to the next level.

  • cucked

    id love to be your chair rachel. being under your arse would be great.

    • Oh really now? 🙂 I do love treating a boy like an inanimate object. I find the face of a submissive to be remarkably ergonomic for sitting on!

      • cucked

        id hope you’d do more that sit on my face. you could use me as a bed if you wish to fuck your lovers on. id really appreciate the view of guys ramming their cocks in you Mistress Rachel.

        i most want you to sit on my face cos i want you to have power over me. id like to “wrestle” you and lose. spending hours being “pinned” by you. id submit to you but i wouldnt tap out 😉

        • Interestingly enough, and apropos of your username, the classic cuck position in My view is you, lying on your back (one of the few times you’re allowed on the bed), Me straddling your face, and My boyfriend, Adam, fucking Me from behind. But you’d have to make yourself useful down there. If you think you just get a free show, well that’s putting the bottom rail on top in a way, and that would never do. So what could you do to make yourself useful down there?

          Oh, and wrestling? Hmmm . . . more body contact than I like to have with a slave, so probably not. lol

          • cucked

            i can alternate the use my tongue between your arse and pussy to lubricate you. plus if you’d like me to fluff your boyfriend between the slamming he gives you then i guess id be being useful to you. id love to taste your pussy and arse from your boyfriend’s cock.

          • Well if you’re underneath, in the classic cuck cum-mop position, you won’t be able to reach my asshole. But everything else in front of your face, you’d be responsible for. lol

            My boyfriend doesn’t “slam” my pretty little flower–“slamming” is for cuckolds and other assorted humiliated fucksluts. 🙂

  • subthomas

    A wonderful post Mistress Rachel. To serve you in this manner would be an honor.

  • […] more submissives are into. Even that made Me wrinkle My nose in the past. But since I’m into face-sitting as a form of humiliation, it was a short hop, skip, and jump to think about the fact that a human stool is likely to be […]

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