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Magical Transformation by a Feminization Mistress!

Feminization Mistress Rachel will Lead You Through A Magical Transformation Fantasy!  1-800-356-6169Hello, Horny Readers! Especially you very special gurls out there. Those of you who fantasize about a transformation that changes you beyond clothes, makeup, and a wig. You dream of waking up one morning with silky hairless skin, wasp waist, big sissy bimbo titties (or small, graceful perky ones–to each their own), a round ass, soft, feminine feet, narrow shoulders and a fine-featured, feminine face. Your long, silky hair, growing right out of your head, flows across the pillow, ready to be styled. Except, perhaps, for your little clitty, you are indistinguishable from a Woman. You have your enchanted feminization Mistress to thank, who waits to greet you, beaming proudly at Her masterwork.

W/e’re all pretty sure that the only magic that really exists is the kind W/e create. That’s why magical transformation fantasies are so much fun! Like much of the work of the imagination that what W/e do together entails, no matter what your kink may be, magical transformation by a feminization Mistress requires the suspension of disbelief, the ability to see magic in the trappings of the feminine.

Nothing is what it seems when your feminization Mistress magically transforms you!

Take, for example, your bath. When I am describing just how I would begin the (usually coerced or seduced) feminization Feminization Mistress Rachel will Lead You Through A Magical Transformation Fantasy!  1-800-356-6169process for a sissy, it usually begins with a bath, using the most ladylike of fragrant bath products, followed by hair removal from nose to toes with shaving cream and a razor.

But in the land of enchanted feminization, a bath is not just a bath. The water swirls with mysterious colors and intoxicating scents. As you sink into the steamy depths, you can feel the delicate tongues of feminization sprites on your skin, licking away at the hair, smoothing the rough maleness, making you tingle everywhere that’s beginning to get rounder or narrower or longer or smaller.

Feminization Mistress Rachel will Lead You Through A Magical Transformation Fantasy!  1-800-356-6169Enchantrix Rachel, sitting beside the tub with a benevolent smile, reaches out to place a gentle hand on your forehead, guiding even your face below. You don’t panic, but look up at Her with trusting, mesmerized eyes. For some reason, it’s not painful to keep your eyes open and on Her, even through the swirling water.

Your Enchantress has told you that much of the transformation will happen while you sleep, but you can see in your mind’s eye the changes that will occur. You can feel the tickle and nip in the bone structure of your face, and as you gently break the surface once again, you know that you are going to be beautiful.

You’re not sure how you’ll sleep, so excited are you, but the enchantment is already making you sleepy. “That’s alright,” Mistress whispers as your eyelids droop. “Doze if you like. I can guide you whether you’re awake or not.”

Tonight only, your feminization Mistress will let you go to bed with your makeup on.

When you open your eyes again, you are seated in front of a well-lit mirror, at an angle. Your Feminization Mistress Rachel will Lead You Through A Magical Transformation Fantasy!  1-800-356-6169Mistress is standing before you, humming softly as She mixes and dips brushes and sponge-tipped wands into various bottles and jars. You rest your heavy head against the headrest, and let it fall to the side, trying to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

“Mistress, I can see you perfectly, but I can’t see myself very well.”

Her fingers rest on your chin and guide your face back to its original position.

“That’s the enchantment. The feminization fairies don’t like to be seen going about their work. You’ll just have to be patient.”

Enchantress says this firmly, but kindly, with an understanding air. You let your eyes slide closed again as you feel the feather-light touch of the brush across your cheekbones. You feel your body tremble briefly, a sensation both orgasmic and placid, tantric. The fluffy pink robe is as comfortable as floating on a cloud. You pull it around yourself snugly and allow yourself to float away.

Your feminization Mistress has put you to bed, where the real work of the feminization fairies will be done.

You open your eyes again only once, before sinking into what will be hours and hours of transformative sleep. Mistress is standing beside your canopied bed with its pink and lavender sheets. The pillows are scented, and your tingling lips curl at the corners in pleasure as you burrow into them. Mistress winds up a music box, which She says will play all night, the night where your dreams will come true.

The fairies like it, She says, and you realize that the colorful lights that dance off of the walls and ceiling and sheets aren’t another nighttime nursery kaleidoscope, but a glimpse of the fairies themselves flitting about.

You wish you could stay awake and see them more closely, but your lids are just so heavy, and you close them once again. Your last conscious sensation is of your Mistress’ pillowy kiss on your forehead, before you are swept away into Dreamtime.

I purposely leave the fantasy here, because I want you gurls who fantasize just such things to imagine for yourselves what you will look like when you awake. Feel free to share in the comments!

Sweet dreams!


Miss Rachel, your Feminization Mistress






21 comments to Magical Transformation by a Feminization Mistress!

  • Petey cream puff

    Waking up I feel different and looking at my chest I have d cup breasts filling out my bra and my hair is shoulder length and flowing into my eyes. I smell girlish as what was in bath had perfumes in water. Looking in mirror I’m totally different as my skin is hairless/smooth and soft and my body is hour glass figure with pink slip/panties and matching bra. My face is totally changed as its all makeup/nails long on my fingers with white tips. Feminine arched eyebrows. OMG I’m a girl now!! I noticed all my clothes are gone as I see dresses/bras/panties/women’s leggings/yoga pants/ankle/knee high boots in my closet and makeup/lipsticks/perfumes in m bathroom. What if everyone sees my like this mistress😢😳😧 You’ve turned me into your cream puff girl.

  • Wes

    Beautifully written Miss Rachael:) Even though I don’t exactly fit as a gurl, Maybe that’s why magical transformations, conditioning, and triggers are a major turn on! Especially when administered by an intelligent female 🙂

    • Rachel

      Thank you for reading, wessypoo! I’m glad you liked it, and what you say about conditioning and triggers is certainly true! It works for lots of things, not just magical transformations, as YOU well know! *giggle*

  • There is a special place in my heart for the sissy gurls who long for magical transformation. They just want to be their feminine best and really do the gender proud. And so many have a perfect vision of how to want to look and dress. It’s difficult NOT to get on board with their sissy wishes at times. It’s a dream that goes to the very core of their being.

  • Tis the season to be transformed I think, and to let that sissy go to bed with her makeup is such a wonderful gift! What a sweet post of transformation, well thought out and very sensitive for our sweet girlie ones. We still have a week to go for more great postings. Thanks Ms Rachel 🙂

  • vanilla

    She woke the next morning, sunlight streaming into the room via the large windows. No faeries, though the larger dust motes looked suspicious. She stretched with her eyes closed, suddenly opening her eyes as she realized how different she felt. She could tell she had breasts, rather large ones, from how the covers tugged. She quickly reached down below, as her fingers passed her stomach she felt the piercings in her naval, she ignored them as her hands raced to her sex. She first felt her clitoris, the raised hood pierced with a metal ring. That alone almost made her faint, then her fingers (which she could tell now had long nails) felt her pussy, her vagina, her cunt. Soft lips surrounding a wet hole, oh my. She glanced up and realized that the top of the bed had a mirror, kinky she thought, then she grabbed the covers and whipped them off of her, and opened her eyes and gawked. She was hot! She had long pale blonde hair, trimmed over her pussy to just a tiny tuft of hair. Her tits were huge, at least EEs, with large, dark aureolas and large gold rings with balls on them piercing each nipple. Her right breast was tattooed with a rose, and her naval had a dangling bit of jewelry, including a charm which said “SLUT.” Farther down, the gold ring in her clit set off her pussy area, she had smallish vaginal lips but a distinct clit.

    She looked to the bedside table, seeing a box with her name on an envelope tacked to it, and a hand mirror. Reaching out she felt her large breasts move alluringly, she grabbed the mirror, and looked down over her smooth crotch to her deliciously pink pussy. She once again explored her sex, finding it wetter and slicker than before, she was becoming aroused. She explored the box, finding a collection of vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs inside. She took out a jackrabbit vibrator in shocking pink, and a natural looking dildo of a large black man. As she looked at the vibrator for controls, she automatically put the black dildo in her mouth and began sucking on it, noticing that she also had a pierced tongue in the process. Was she a complete slut, a fucktoy? As she thought this she also noticed that sucking the dildo was pleasant, her nipples were fully erect, and she felt wetter than ever. She thumbed on the vibrator, and began rubbing it over her clit and pussy, twitching as the vibrating tip would rub across her clit piercing. As she lay there, pushing the vibrator in and out of her wet cunt, and the dildo in and out of her cock hungry mouth, a flatscreen TV at the end of the bed switched on, showing lurid hard core porn, mostly focusing on large cocks fucking huge titted women, with emphasis on their cocks, and there were huge ones, and beautiful black cocks, in the video. As the video played, all she could think about was being penetrated by the huge cocks she saw, sawing the two fake cocks she was playing with into and out of her mouth and cunt, jamming the jackrabbit against her clit and moaning deeply as she did so.

    As she worked hard to fuck herself stupid, Mistress Rachel was watching, listening with increasing amusement to the deep moans and cries of ecstasy coming from her newest cum loving slut, it looked like her new creation would be a real money maker for her. Another fucktoy slut to add to her stable.

  • TeasedM

    You and Ms Tia have already transformed me into a horny little slut.
    Taking things a step further would be easy for my Mistresses.
    Magic would not be required – just more training by You and Ms Tia.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Alexis and Rachel both of you are wonderful in your understanding of what “gurls” like us wish for. Sure i wish that i could wake up and look like you both.I tried being blond and red head but settled on brunette and jet black hair. I went to bed crossdressed .Jet black hair 34c silicone breast forms in a light blue bra and panties. I was partying with 2 lesbian friends .They told me to get comfortable to sleep it was at an LGBT resort in Fl The 2 girls were lovers and i slegt in the other bed.The first time i ever slept with my wigg on.When i woke up and looked in the mirror i felt truly beautiful.It felt like the majic was for real.oh and one top for gurls that wear wiggs I have found out thru experiment that for me the wig stays on better when my head is shaved and i love to bubble bath and shave clitty underarms leggs etc. I love the Venus razors but you have to be very careful with them new cause they will cut bad also never up shave leggs or thighs so you don’t get razor bumbs

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Your are welcome you should have been there 😉

  • missy laflamme

    At this point I’d have to be transformed into a MALE….omg….everyone knows now……

  • Gem Sissy

    So beautiful, Miss Rachel. I don’t often have as focused of transformation fantasies but this resonates strongly. To continue….

    As I wake before waking I feel a sense of peace, of being fully rested, and joyful. At first that is all I sense as the room I am in is mostly curtained from the morning sun. I take a deep breath and start to feel… differences. Going to bed in a satin chemise and panties is a regular night for me, but the slightest shift of the covers against my body sends amazing signals to me still sleepy brain.

    I feel my breasts inside the chemise brushing against the covers. I feel their weight and how they are a natural part of me. Sliding my hand up my body I touch them, feeling their fullness and soft nipples. Joyful I gently cup and squeeze them, the little signals of pleasure dancing around my body. I feel my nipples start to tighten and poke a little at the palm of my hand.

    Moving a little more but not yet opening my eyes, I feel other amazing changes. My hands explore and find beautifully curved hips and a tight round ass. My legs feel longer and while I’ve gotten healthy womanly curves I’m also more slender just where a girl should be. This transformation was the best diet ever!

    I can’t hold back any more and pull the covers off, marveling at how everything about my body feels different, my muscles, my balance, my smooth skin. I throw the curtains open to let sunlight explode in the room and I run to a full length mirror.

    I am statuesque in height, much as I was before transformation, but my proportions are perfect. I place my hands on my hips and laugh in delight as my body already knows how to pose and move in just the most feminine ways. I am most pleased by the transformation of my hair. It is long and jet black, just like my mistress, Rachel’s.

    My eyes slowly drift downward to my panties. That feels changed as well, no bulge in the satin. I carefully hook the waist of the panties and draw them down to mid thigh. I have the most beautiful, perfect pussy. My fingers touch and explore it, fascinated by how it feels to be touched and have that as part of me.

    I could easily masturbate, exploring every pleasure of this miracle on my own but I smile. I find some clothes and happily change into satin bra and panties, thrilling that I fill them out perfectly now. I step into a dress that is tight and shows off my curves and breasts perfectly. Add thigh highs and heels and I leave the bedroom to find you, the one who gave me this precious gift and offer my virginities to you. 🙂

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