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News and Up-to-date Schedule Info, and a poll!

First, take this poll if you please!  If you choose “other”, please expound in the comments!

Hey, I’ve got a couple of questions for you:

Are you a humiliation slave?

If yes, did you read this post on

Well, writing that post really inspired Me, I sprouted a wild hair, and actually got some tee shirts made that will be very humiliating for the wearer, and very amusing for Me, especially when I see you wearing them in session, or hear of you wearing them in session with one of My Mistress Sisters!

They’re here and available for purchase!**

Check the tab at the top of the page!

Also, check out the updated Ass Toys page, and a couple of new recommendations on the Sensation, Impact, and Pain Play page!

I’ll be back for sessions at 9pmEST Sunday 8/19.


Miss Rachel

5 comments to News and Up-to-date Schedule Info, and a poll!

  • Tea Bag

    Is the word “poll” meant to be hyperlinked?

    • Rachel

      No, the poll should be a plug-in, a graphic that you can see and interact with.

      • Tea Bag

        OK, thanks – it isn’t coming up in my browser.

        • Rachel

          Maybe you’ve got a pop-up blocker or ad blocker on that’s interfering with it? Or it could be your graphics card. Sorry you can’t see it! You can go ahead and register your vote in the comments if you like; I asked who would be around at 11amEST if I were to do a radio show.

          The choices were basically “Me!”, “Depends on the day of the week”, “No”, and “Other”, to be expounded on in the comments. 🙂

  • Gem Sissy

    Hello Miss Rachel,

    A radio show at 11am EST? Generally yes, no night better than another in the week. So “Me!” 🙂

    (Love the humiliation t-shirt with the frilly panties on it… how about one that has a drawing of a slutty bra on it looking as if the t-shirt wearer was wearing a bra over their t-shirt?)

    Sissy stroking to your blog…


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