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Orgasm Edging is Best with a Three Day Load!

For orgasm edging with Miss Rachel, call 1-800-356-6169!Hello, Horny Readers! Thinking about a tease and denial or tease and delay session with Me? I have preferences for your preparation. For example, I prefer that you have a bit of lube on hand so that the sensation you’re experiencing is closer to a tight wet pussy; I think that serving as an ever-hard dildo for pussy should be the goal of every decently-sized heterosexual penis. But more importantly, I prefer that you’re a little “backed up” before W/e engage in orgasm edging play. Two days worth of cum in your balls is good, but over time I have found that three days of buildup seems to be the sweet spot that makes orgasm edging the most fun.

I mean fun for Me, of course, though I realize the waves of tantric pleasure an edge toy experiences in the depths of subspace can also be a species of fun for him. When I imagine My ideal edging session, however, I’m thinking of how I can best enjoy it. As every edge is an offering, the offering will be much more valuable depending on how difficult it is to procure. Boys who have just stroked or fucked to orgasm the day before will find it too easy to withhold the imminent explosion. Balls recently drained offer a boy too much calm to yield the desperation I desire. But when a boy calls because he’s already needy, already feeling the pressure of un-expelled cum shots, he is ripe for exploitation.For orgasm edging with Miss Rachel, call 1-800-356-6169!

Just picturing you as you must look at the end of several edges, with the glow of perspiration on your forehead, clenching everything from your teeth to your calf muscles in an effort to suck the cum back down the shaft of your cock and into those cum-swollen balls makes Me dizzy with arousal. And you may not realize it, but even the character of your moans, the depravity of your begging, changes according to how long its been since your last orgasm.

Sure, when you’re that aroused, there’s a chance that you might ruin your orgasm for Me, but I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that I prefer that to having you come to Me for orgasm edging already satiated. And yes, I’ve heard from many, “Mistress, I’m just as horny after one day as I would be after three”, or something equivalent. I just don’t believe it.  *giggle*

So, if you’ve been considering giving Me a call for such a session, make sure you’re prepared to provide Me with some edges worth having. Save up that cum, and I might just let you spill it in the end!


Miss Rachel, your orgasm edging Mistress!


P.S.:  If you’d like to know more about My edging philosophy, enjoy this audio, Endless Edging.

14 comments to Orgasm Edging is Best with a Three Day Load!

  • You are right not to believe a man when he claims to be as horny as day one as he would be on day three. That’s just completely against the natural order of things. Everything Mistress Rachel has laid out here about orgasm edging and edgeplay is totally correct. And that is something that only someone as experienced as her can express. So grab your cocks all you like, fellas. Just leave the important part to the experts.

  • princess

    As a practitioner of long term chastity i KNOW that the longer you wait the greater the ache! I also believe the best a subbie should hope for is a ruined orgasm! In fact, after 61 days in chastity i would do beg and plead for the chane to have a ruined orgasm…..if i were allowed to beg for release 🙂 ………Great post and i LOVE that photo with the heel hooked in the thong!!!

    • Rachel

      Hee hee! Thanks, princess! I do remember how much you seemed to enjoy the ruined orgasm Miss Constance allowed you. That was great fun, that session! I was happy to be a part of it!

      • princess

        That session was thrilling…and you were awesome!…..I did LOVE the ruined orgasm! For me, ruined is the only way to go…..maybe forever if Mistress wishes it so 🙂

  • (Collared) maid steph

    Mmm three days and Ms Rachel may just may let you cum.
    After so long there will be so much lovely cum to lick and slurp as Ms Rachel orders you clean up that mess.

  • Gem Sissy

    Lovely blog as always, Miss Rachel! Quite stimulating thoughts. I agree that three days is much better than one. I recently was in a situation where relief in my panties wasn’t available for a week and I was desperate to succumb to my deep sissy needs, be “put” in sissy panties, a bra, thigh highs, and an anal invader. I’m sure I would be very pliable in a phone session though I’ve never played with edging or ruined orgasms. I just love to cum and then hope I can be encouraged to eat that cum like the total sissy slut I want to be!

  • Tea Bag

    Thank you Miss Rachel for such a vivid and understanding blog. When you say “..should be the goal of every decently-sized heterosexual penis” – do you mean that bisexual ones ought to concentrate on attempting encounters with other males?

    • Rachel

      Hello Tea Bag! What an evocative name! 😉

      To answer your question, not necessarily. Some bisexual men are tops by nature and dominant, so they have the right to seek any pussy they want, whether ass pussy or pussy-pussy, just like dominant, Alpha heterosexuals. But submissives should be submissive, whether to men or to women and be open to use however the dominant prefers. Unless they declare themselves otherwise, all heterosexual men are submissive by default, and if their cocks are of a suitable size, their first goal should be to use them for the pleasure of womankind.

      Does this make sense?

      • Tea Bag

        Thank you Miss R! If you mean that bisexual submissives should simply submit to whoever wishes to dominate them, yes it makes sense.

        I guess part of the question was whether you think dominant women ought to be treated as superior (because Female Superiority) and therefore bi subs ought to give women priority over dominant men – or, contrariwise, whether dominant women deserve the attentions of men whose sexual focus is *entirely* on them, and bi subs ought to butt out of serving them! Of course you might agree with neither proposition, as I think your answer indicates.

        • Rachel

          Yes, that’s what I meant, Tea Bag!

          With regard to your qualifying question, I believe Exalted Womanhood is at the pinnacle of the sexual Mount Olympus, so yes. However, this means that howEVER a Woman achieves her greatest satisfaction sexually should be deferred to by all men, even if what is most satisfying to her is to be manhandled, to be submissive. Everyone has a sexual personality, and if they are equipped for it, the privilege of seeking its fulfillment. Some bisexual males are tops only, and not submissive at all. I think they should be respectful of and defer to women, but they don’t necessarily have to submit to other men just because they are bisexual. See what I mean? If a bisexual male has a big dick and an Alpha personality, and a woman wants him, she should be able to enjoy him, and he should be able to enjoy her.

          Feel free to ask for further clarification if I’m not getting to your point still. 🙂

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I haven’t came in like forever i can’t get hard so i don’t play pulling my cock sometimes release in sleep dreams last time i masterbated myself i wore panty hose pulled down and pushed my tiny penis back in side myself with my suction cup white dildoe and jizzed myself. Even put photos on a dating sight .But like in the other article i had the urge to purge and deleted all my kinky photos

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