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Bi-curiousity With The Bros?

Hello, Horny Readers!  I was inspired to write about bi-curiosity today, first because I was reminiscing about some of My favorite porn (which is often of the gay variety) and second, because I read a blog post by Miss Lilly that got My imagination working and My pussy all wet.  I just had to . . . → Read More: Bi-curiousity With The Bros?

Bi-curious to Gay is Sometimes the Way!

Could you be a gay boy hiding in a bi-curious boy’s shadow?

You know horny readers, I talk to a lot of boys who describe themselves as bi-curious.  Some of them may very well be just that, meaning that in general, their attachments and attractions both emotional and physical have always been with . . . → Read More: Bi-curious to Gay is Sometimes the Way!