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Is Extended Chastity Pathological? (Part 6: Eroticism)

Hello, Horny Readers!

Finally, the last installment!  I know it’s quite late, but sometimes life gets in the way!

“There’s nothing erotic about permanent orgasm denial“. e·rot·i·cism  [ih-rot-uh-siz-uhm] noun

1. the sexual or erotic quality or character of something. 2. the use of sexually arousing or suggestive symbolism, settings, allusions, situations, etc., in art,literature, drama, or the like. 3. the condition of being sexually aroused or excited. 4. sexual drive or tendency. 5. an abnormally persistent sexual drive.

Textbook definitions don’t always tell us everything, but they tell us a lot.  So, given the above textbook definition, I’ll . . . → Read More: Is Extended Chastity Pathological? (Part 6: Eroticism)