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Gooning: More Than Masturbation!

Hello, Horny Readers! I’ve seen references to gooning all over social media for years. I think the term is most popular in the U.K.. I’ve never looked into it deeply before fairly recent days. I just thought, at face value, that “gooning” was a synonym for “masturbating”. But I’ve learned that it’s somewhat more . . . → Read More: Gooning: More Than Masturbation!

Femdom Degradation: Why?

Hello, Horny Readers! So, Femdom degradation. Yes. Let’s talk about that.

We’re all friends here, despite what W/e may or may not get up to in session together. I’m actually very fond of all of My playmates. After all, I have a need for domination that can only be fulfilled by a submissive. I’m . . . → Read More: Femdom Degradation: Why?

News and Up-to-date Schedule Info, and a poll!

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Miss Rachel

Nipple play to rock the cock!

Hello, Horny Readers! As you read, I just wrote a post that included nipple torment among examples of pain play that I enjoy, but sometimes My claws remain sheathed, and I like to tease instead. Some of My most memorable sessions have been with boys who have erogenous zones in addition to their cock . . . → Read More: Nipple play to rock the cock!

Pain Play is a Stress Reliever for Me!

Hello, Horny Readers! This is another of those blog posts inspired by a question a submissive asked Me in private. As is often the case, I figured it was something more than one of you had wondered about, even if he was the first to ask. The question? Mistress, do you actually get pleasure . . . → Read More: Pain Play is a Stress Reliever for Me!