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I expect to return for sessions at around 9pmEST, Monday, 9/16!


Miss Rachel



Check out the new additions to My wish list! I just figured out that I can add things to it, even if they aren’t on Amazon, and you now have the ability to send Me some really unique, fun, and sexy things!

You’ll likely notice that at least until the end of the Summer, I might be a bit late getting in for the beginning of My session day. This is because “My boyfriend’s back and I’m gonna get in trouuble . . .”  

The best kind of trouble!

Don’t worry, I will endeavor not to be more than an hour beyond when you’ve known to start salivating, but just realize that sometimes you’ll have to be patient!

I’m back @FemdomEnchanter on Twitter, but I kind of got attached to My “vacation” account, so do add Me on @RachelEmpress if you haven’t already!

Did you send Me a luxurious set of sheets from My wish list?  I received it, but without a name to thank! I will commune with you in spirit, though you may remain anonymous, while enjoying, oh, all sorts of activities on those sheets! THANK YOU!  *smooch*

Also, the FAQ has been updated.  Check out questions 11 and 12, and see if they’re something you’ve wondered about, like the several others who have asked over time.

I’ve updated the toys pages finally, and a few popular items are out of stock.  Stay tuned though, because things tend to come back eventually.  I’ll try to be better at keeping you updated!

In case you’re curious, I usually leave things on until they’ve been out of stock for about six weeks.  Never fear though; My favorites remain My favorites, and as you can see from above, when they return, back on the page(s) they go!

If you notice that something is out of stock when you view it, and I haven’t noted that on the page, please let Me know.  You can just comment on any post, and I’ll see it.

The Tantus Plunge Paddle is back in stock!

The Cocksucker’s Mirror is back!  Check out the Cocksucker Training page!

The Cyberskin Dream Dick is back in stock!

The Ze Don Stack-able Magnetic Ball Stretchers are currently OUT OF STOCK (as of 8/18/19)!

Also, I’ve added a couple of group blogs of which you might not have been aware to the Group Blogs tab above. Check ’em out!

**NEW** Take a look at the Miss Rachel-controlled sex play page!  I’m pretty giddy about this one!

**NEW** Take a look at Dear Mistress Rachel, and send in a question!

And a little side note:  I’ve just noticed while updating pages that in a lot of cases, I neglect to check the box that allows clicking on a link to open the linked content in a new window.  I think I’ve fixed all of those on the pages above, and will make sure to do so on recent and future blog posts.