I’m invisible, but accessible!

Otherwise known as “lurk mode”!

Feel free to get in touch via Skype (enchantrixrachel) or E-mail (Rachel@enchantrixempire.com) for session information and arrangements!

Or, simply call Our helpful dispatchers, ask for Me by name, and they will send you through!


If you know I’m online, but unsure whether or not I am currently in session, please check this page.  Feel free to bookmark it for future reference!


Goddess Rachel




First and foremost, I’ve got a new audio in the audio store!

If you’re bi-curious, cock-curious, or a full-blown cocksucker, you’re going to love this one!

Click the graphic below to check out Neighborhood Cocksucker!


Available at a special introductory price, for a limited time!


Next, It’s time to get Sprung for Spring!

We plan to help that happen with a lot of sexy happenings this March!

You can always get all the details of these specials and events by checking out TheDailyCock.com!

Click the below graphic to be taken to the post with the most . . . information, that is!



There’s still something special for you early risers! 



And still something for those of you who like mid-length to longer calls!



Now, I’m super excited We’re doing THIS again!

If you missed it the first time, don’t miss out on this one! Guaranteed to be a blast!



Double Perks Points Day comes up faster than you think! Join today if you haven’t already, and earn points on every session towards sexy rewards!

Click the graphic to find out more!



Our esteemed members over on Our very own social club, Enchantrix Empire, have crowned a new Mistress of the Month!


Mistress Erika!


Click the graphic to find out how She plans to keep you SPRUNG this Spring!




The toy pages have been updated as of 1/5!


And, as always

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I’m @FemdomEnchanter on Twitter, but I kind of got attached to My “vacation” account, so do add Me on @RachelEmpress if you haven’t already!


Goddess Rachel