Dear Mistress Rachel

Dear Mistress Rachel

Hello, Horny Readers!

Have you ever wanted to ask Me a question about Femdom, sex, Femdom phone sex, or just life in general, but you’d prefer to hear Me answer rather than to read My answer?

Well now you can!

Send Me your question, indicating what name you’d like Me to use to identify you to the listeners, and I’ll answer it in an audio to be published on one of Our podcast sites, either FemdomPodcast or VoxEroticPodcast. There may be more than one question answered per podcast, unless answering it takes more than a couple of minutes, so that needs to be okay with you as well.

When the episode of Dear Mistress Rachel that includes your question and My answer goes up, I’ll try to let you know via E-mail.

All questions must be within the acceptable subject matter of Our terms of service, including the admonishment that you must be 18 years of age or older. And if the subject matter is serious, I reserve the right to defer you to a professional.

Other than that, pretty much anything goes!

Oh–but don’t expect Me to answer really personal questions, like what’s My social security number and stuff like that!  *giggle*

Send your questions to!


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