Hello, Horny Readers! I suppose some of you know that Adam won’t be in town until mid-June. Some of you further know that around this time of year, My libido ramps up in anticipation of His arrival. It doesn’t seem to be getting the message that it’s going to have to wait to be sated. It doesn’t help that I’ve got a new submissive exhibitionist who really trips My trigger.

My mind is filled with fantasies of what it would be like if I could sink My perfectly manicured claws into him in the flesh!

I’m not age-ist, and realize that libidinous men come in every generation. I’m sure any number of you could serve Me well as a dildo incarnate. But there’s something about this young college sweetie and O/ur sessions together that makes My pussy all creamy!

Well, several somethings, really.  *giggle*

My New Exhibitionist Playtoy Likes Cock Control Games, and More!

And what a beautiful cock it is to control! It’s big, as are his balls, and when it’s hard it stands up straight as an arrow! How fortuitous that he’s so ready to have it used and teased!

Naked on cam, except for a mask to protect his privacy, he sits in an office chair with his legs spread wide to offer Me the best view of all of My property. The camera is oriented at the perfect height and angle (some of you could learn a thing or two from him about positioning yourself for display). He knows how to show himself to Me, to give himself to Me.


And a kinky little slut to boot.

We’ve toyed with cock and ball torment, and you know I’m after his ass.  I got a preview of the possibilities the last time W/e played, and let Me just say . . . ooh la la.

He likes a bit of bondage, a bit of humiliation, and some body worship too. He wants so much to please, to be good. I think showing himself to Me is more about that, than being an exhibitionist. And I guess I don’t have to tell you that that’s just fine with Me.

He just needs someone to . . . direct all that youthful energy.  *evil giggle*

He would make a perfect foot slave, but it’s that cock I would use most.

Yes, his yen for body worship includes feet, and I’ve been teasing him about earning a picture of My soft little seven-and-a-halfs. But the way he writhed in that chair as I edged him, the slow, steady ooze of pre-cum that precludes the need for any other lube, the way he looks so close to a ruined orgasm every time but always manages to hold back, all his potential and desire . . .

I’d love to have him at My beck and call.

I told him that if I owned him, it would be My right to know where he was at all times. That way, I would know when he’d be out of class or on a break at work, and I could drop by to get My pussy serviced.

But you know the rules, horny readers. Just because I get to cum, it doesn’t mean you do.

Even if you’re adorable.

Click below to enjoy a little audio regarding what might happen to him, and to you, if I decided to make you My personal pleasure slave, with very little release for you!


Miss Rachel, Cocktease of the Exhibitionist, and Every One of You!