Hello there, Horny Readers! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about a submissive I miss. In the first installment, I explained that I used to post these every once in a while on Tumblr, and decided to continue the trend here! This time, I feature Richard, a gooner who stroked for Me on Skype!

A little schadenfreude, anyone?

Side note: is anyone else enjoying a bit of schadenfreude knowing that Tumblr is now preparing to sell itself to Pornhub? Once they quarantined or exiled all of U/s kinksters, their business went down the tubes!

Anyway, back to Richard. I miss you, Richard! Did you ever drain those swollen, denied balls?

Richard, anonymous and yet, so exposed!

It always started the same way: A very mild, politely-worded E-mail request for a Skype session, where I would watch him edge and stroke for Me. I sussed out the particulars (if he liked to use any toys, if there were any other erogenous zones he liked to explore, if he wanted to cum or to leave it to Me, if he liked to use lube, etc.), and W/e promptly met on Skype.

When his image appeared, it was clear that he was an expert at positioning himself optimally for exposure. He would always be in the same position: reclined, but somewhat propped up as if sitting in a deck chair. Visible from neck to knees. Oriented mostly perpendicular to and below the camera  If I had to estimate, I’d say he was no more than five feet away from it.

(I wish there had been an opportunity to ask him for technical notes. I’d have shared them with other kinky subs who like to appear on cam for Me. Sometimes they don’t know how to best present themselves.)

Note that given the above description of his positioning, he rendered himself anonymous, head out of frame. I don’t have a preference either way, but I found it intriguing: How to Utterly Expose Yourself and Yet Remain Anonymous 101!

Gooner Richard: arousing in more than one way!

Some submissives describe themselves to Me during the getting-to-know-you phase of things, including their cock size. If their description falls within the generally accepted parameters of “conventionally attractive”, I usually suspect they hope I will be attracted to them.

Unfortunately for them, I don’t care what they look like, per se (unless it’s germane to some form of sexual humiliation they crave). All that matters to Me for the most part is that a submissive knows his place, and Mine.

That said, Richard happened to have a very nice body.

I find all kinds of physiques attractive, for different reasons. What I liked about Richard’s body was:

  • Lovely skin
  • The perfect amount of body hair
  • A slim athletic build, like a runner or perhaps soccer player (nice thighs)
  • A good-looking, decently big cock and balls

An aesthetically pleasing display, no doubt.

What’s more, he hit upon one of My turn-ons: an accent. I believe gooner Richard is from the U.K. somewhere.

Gooner Richard the Mysterious!

Gooner Richard and I never passed many remarks outside of his initial request and “orientation”. As you can imagine, O/ur conversation during the sessions themselves was pretty much limited to My instruction and his moans of pleasure and desperation. Maybe a little begging thrown in. I suppose you could call him cagey in a shy, placid sort of way.

I took to fantasizing to Myself who he could be outside of O/ur sessions together, because there really wasn’t an opportunity to find out. A teacher? A banker? Perhaps a celebrity?

I really get to know some of My submissives, both within the realm of kinky phone sex and outside of it. Generally, however, I restrict My questions to those things that involve O/ur play, and leave them to begin conversations involving biography. I respect the fact that there can be a lot at stake for some of you in reaching out to explore. So, therefore, I endeavor to both respect, and protect, your privacy.

I make that point to stress that it’s not that I in any way resented the fact that I never did learn much about Richard, or that he didn’t really seem interested in conversing beyond sex play. It’s just that he remains somewhat of a mystery.

And that’s part of his allure!

Why is he a gooner, and what did he goon to?

Quite simply, I designate Richard as a gooner because he never came.

W/e’d play pretty much every day, a half an hour at a time, for two week stretches. Then he might disappear for a few days, and return, making his apologies.

“That’s okay, Richard.  As long as you didn’t cum.”

“No Mistress.”

And the look of his balls bore it out. They got increasingly larger, more swollen, and even began to take on a purple tint when restrained (we switched back and forth between binding his balls, and not) . He would have cum on command if I’d so decreed, but I wanted more than that.

I wanted to break him.

I wanted him to cum because he couldn’t not cum. Or at least to see if W/e could find that threshold.

W/e never did.

At least not in session.

Gooner Richard the Mysterious simply disappeared, after stroking under My cock control for those two-plus weeks, and being effectively denied. He could well have cum on his own, loathe to admit defeat, but maybe I’ll never know.

(Ever read Bartleby the Scrivener?  I can imagine him conceding to himself that he couldn’t hold out any longer against My diabolical stroking instructions, but that with regard to letting Me see that this was the case, he “[preferred] not to”. He had that kind of personality. Maybe not quite so morose.  *giggle* )

Or, you know, perhaps life simply got in the way. There’s more to existence, I realize, than My world of orgasm edging and denial.

Speaking of which, if he was a gooner, to what was he gooning?

Well, to the pleasure and sensation of gooning itself, I suppose. Of the endless edging that gooning provides. That’s why I think it’s just as likely that Richard hasn’t cum until this very day.

And Richard, if you’re out there, and that’s the case, I’d LOVE to see just how big those balls have gotten by now!


Miss Rachel, Gooner wrangler!