Hello, Horny Readers!  Guess what?  My Aussie Slut returned for another round!  I think he likes to be naked and exposed for Mistress in more than one way, because he liked the fact that I wrote about him last time.  Good boys get rewards, and since he performed so well for Me once again, bringing several of My favorite kink triggers along, I don’t mind singing his praises once again!

We had a little bit of trouble connecting via Skype at first, which is understandable when you’re talking to someone on the complete other side (and hemisphere) of the world.  I would have had the same fun enjoying his dirty mind as W/e fantasized together if technology continued to fail U/s, but secretly, My enjoyment would have been tempered with a tiny bit of disappointment if I hadn’t gotten to see that naughty little tart in the flesh.  I would have missed that handsome face, strapping body, quiet voice with the accent that makes My girlparts twitch, foreskin slipping on and off the head of his nice big dick, and of course, his hungry fuckhole!

Luckily, things soon stabilized, and I got to see and hear everything I love most about this boy willing to show off on cam in kinky ways!  The big and small vibrating dildos were both back, and soon put to good use.  He warmed up that pretty pink butthole (that he doesn’t expose while empty for long enough for Me–I’m going to have to work on that) with the buzzing, smaller gold one while I described a hot threesome between Adam, him, and Myself, and then moved on to Big Pink, without the vibration feature.  It’s clear that he’s been practicing with Big Pink, because it went in easier this time.  He let it sit, no doubt allowing the natural contractions of his sphincter stimulate that slut spot, while stroking for Me.

Naked and Exposed for Mistress in the Perfect Position!

He was in the perfect position for a cam show, especially one that includes ass play:  Laptop with webcam positioned down at one end of the bed, he at the other end, with a clear view right up between his spread legs.  This way I can see ass, taint, balls, cock, chest, and face.  I enjoyed as he stroked and fucked himself.  He’s got a great poker face, and if it weren’t for his cock becoming ever stiffer, even when I didn’t think it was possible, I wouldn’t have been sure how O/ur fantasizing was affecting him. But I knew how it was affecting Me, that’s for sure!  I lazily toyed with My wet pussy with My fingers down the front of My panties as I watched, though he didn’t know that.

I guess there were other signs of his enjoyment as well:  Plenty of precum dripped steadily from his cock, and he tasted it for Me.  His chest also rose and fell with increasing depth.  He finally turned on the vibration feature on Big Pink . . .

And blew his load pretty much right away!  All over his stomach and chest.  Of course he tasted it, like a good boy.  Maybe next time I can have him put his legs up over his head and shoot directly into his mouth.  I love that.

He almost sounded apologetic about cumming right away, but when I saw it, I knew I was going to have to masturbate once W/e signed off.  Evidence of uncontrollable pleasure like that is extremely hot for Me, but perhaps the next time he’s naked and exposed for Mistress Rachel, W/e might have to throw a little edging, tease and denial into the mix!  He did say he wanted to push his boundaries in the comments section of the last post I wrote about him.  Hmmmm . . . he also wrote about the possibility of some new toys.  I’m thinking a suction cup dildo, and a fleshlight.  *devious smile*

I look forward to next time!