Hello Horny Readers!  Remember My post regarding how much I wished I could see more playmates naked on cam for Me?  In it, I mentioned a couple of My personal turn-ons, accents and uncircumcised cocks. Additionally, everyone knows by now how much I love ass play of all kinds!  Well recently, I got everything I’ve craved and more with regard to those kinks of mine;  An uncircumcised Australian boy came to Me, ready to show off on cam with the aid of two vibrating dildos and a very kinky, creative mind!  When I wrote the post referenced above, I expected I would get more cam shows, or more sessions with boys with accents and foreskins but without the cam (lots of boys are shy), but I never expected to hit My trifecta of turn-ons in one session!

I’ve heard through the grapevine that Australian men are a bit more rough and tumble than American men, and that in terms of the power dynamics between the sexes, things are a bit more traditional in the mainstream.  Maybe that’s why I’m always particularly aroused when I hear that accent, knowing that if he’s looked into Miss Rachel at all, he knows that the power dynamics are going to be decidedly the opposite.  When I first got a glimpse of this boy, I worried that he would align with what the grapevine had lead Me to believe.  He certainly didn’t have the look of a pathetic bitchboy upon whom I could heap My scorn, though I would have taken him there anyway if he’d wanted Me to do so.  Instead, he was actually very sexy in a conventional sense, and looked as if he knew it.  He confirmed the fact that he didn’t have much trouble with the ladies, when I asked.  He was naked on cam for Me, but with that swagger, would he submit to My whims?

Well, along with the accent, the lovely athletic body, a good-sized cock (complete with foreskin), and a bit of a swagger, he wasn’t just naked on cam to preen like a peacock:  He was naked on cam for his Mistress, and ready to be directed and used thoroughly for My pleasure!  I controlled the way he stroked that beautiful, intact cock.  I controlled when and how many times he edged for Me.  He spread his cheeks and showed off My favorite part of a submissive boy’s anatomy:  the cutest, most vulnerable little pink fuckbutton that I just longed to see pried open!  And open it for Me he did, first with the small vibrator, and then with the great big fat one that he wasn’t sure he’d be able to take until I gave him the right motivation!

We even talked about making his holes useful for the benefit of My stud boyfriend Adam, the thought of which made Me squishy in My panties and hearkened back to Our favorite Masculine Submissive.  And to finish it all off, this full-of-surprises fuckslut collected his cum in a condom and then slurped it out!  What a delicious whore!