Hello Horny Readers! The idea for this post came while writing about My new exhibitionist play toy last week. You might remember that I mentioned some of you could learn a thing or two from him about putting on a good cam show. Well, I thought, what if they have no idea what I want when they get naked on cam for Me? After all, a boy can’t always see what he’s showing Me unless I tell him.

I don’t mind doing that, by the way, directing you how to position yourself. But there are some elements a boy should have in place beforehand, to make sure that’s as easy as possible.

Gonna get naked on cam for Me? Laptop, not phone. Please.

I understand that it’s not specific, telling you to get naked on cam for Mistress. But I do mean your webcam, not your phone camera.

The best of all possible worlds will be an external webcam, because even finding the right position for a laptop can be a bit of a challenge, depending on where you’re playing and I’m watching. But a laptop camera works just fine.

Even if you’ve got some kind of holder for your phone so that it’s stationary, you’re either going to end up so far away I can’t see anything but a vaguely naked man, or so close that all I see is nondescript skin and motion. I do want to watch you stroke your cock (and/or other things), but I don’t want to see your pores. And if you don’t have a holder, your phone is either going to be slipping you out of frame every five minutes (annoying and distracting for Me), or you’ll have to hold it in one hand while trying to have fun with the other (annoying and distracting for you).

Trust Me, if you can afford the comparative luxury of a session, you can afford a cheap laptop. Webcams might be even cheaper. Even a well-placed and braced tablet can potentially allow Me to see more, and better, than a phone. If you like to have Mistress watch you while you get up to all kinds of kinky shenanigans, trust Me–the investment will be worth it!

Getting naked and exposed for your Mistress can also expose your poor housekeeping skills.

Strokeboy, set the stage. Your body and cock may be sexy. Takeout cartons, empty beer bottles, and two weeks’ worth of laundry strewn about is not.

I want to be able to lose Myself completely in watching, directing, and controlling you, and the mess is distracting.

Also, to be frank, I find the mess sort of disrespectful.

If you’re not submissive–just a horny guy calling Me for a guided masturbation session–you may not care about whether or not I feel respected. But you’d better pretend you do if you want to keep talking to Me.

Speaking to Me respectfully is mandatory. But seeing to it that you’re presenting yourself to Me in the most attractive way is also important. When you take the time to pick up a bit and shove those dirty clothes into the closet, it shows Me that you’re presenting Me with a gift of some value.

The setting for the slutty jewel matters!

Lights! Camera! Cock! Action!

Seriously, if you’re too shy to let Me see more than a silhouette, let’s just stick to voice to voice.Β  *giggle*

I understand and greatly appreciate the vulnerability required to show yourself to Me this way, with all of your naughtiest bits available to be scrutinized. One feels naked on cam in more than one way, don’t they?

But if you don’t feel ready for that kind of vulnerability, I’d rather W/e just kept you comfortably anonymous.

Luckily for Me, when most of you arrange for a Skype session, you really do want to be seen, and you’re “ready for [your] close-up”. Make sure there’s enough light so that I can see you clearly. A small lamp might create a romantic sepia tone, but I can’t see a damn thing!

The best lighting is overhead but somewhat behind the camera. If nothing else, a large lamp off to the side is generally good enough.

Looking forward to seeing you naked!

Or dressed, if you’re a sissy or crossdresser who wants help with your style or to put on a fashion show for Mistress. I know the focus here has been on those of you whose main purpose for getting on cam for Me is guided masturbation, orgasm edging, anal play or the like , but all of the advice I give is relevant for anyone who wants to put on a show.

Keep in mind, this is a request. A fervent one, but a request nonetheless. I’m happy to have you get naked on cam for Me even if I can’t see much. You should just keep in mind that this might be the case, so if it’s important to you that I can see, well, without the above taken into consideration, chances are I can’t. *giggle*

Lastly, I’m happy to do a “tech check” in advance of the session at no charge to you. Just five minutes or so to make sure that you and the stage are positioned for optimal display. I know that kind of takes away from the element of surprise in the “big reveal”, but if it’s going to happen anyway, only when the clock is ticking, it might be worth it, literally, to take the time.

I hope this helps many of you! And if you’ve been fantasizing about putting on a show for Me, add Me on Skype (enchantrixrachel) ! Not only can W/e chat there a bit to get to know each other, or have SexyTexting sessions if you’re too shy for the phone/don’t have the privacy for voice to voice calling, but it’s Skype through which I’ll watch, direct, and control you!

Follow the advice above, and it will be a memorable experience, for both of U/s!

Would you like to hear Me read this post? Listen in below!


Miss Rachel, Enchantrix Voyeur