I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I got a new computer recently, with much better capabilities.  I stuck with My old dinosaur as long as I could because of My environmentalist leanings, and it still resides in My storage space rather than in a landfill somewhere, but what’s most important is the fact that now Skype behaves much more consistently!  And that means that I am now realizing just how much I’ve missed having a steady stream of boys and toys show off on cam for Me!  I think I might be inspired by the completion of My ass toys page above, as well.  If you happen to purchase a toy from My recommended list, of course I’d love to watch you use it!

But there are more reasons to appear on webcam for Me besides showing off your new toy purchases, some of them which don’t even benefit Me alone!  🙂  If you’re not from the United States, you can have a session with Me through Skype without even using your webcam at all, simple computer-to-computer calling, and save yourself long-distance charges.  But if you’re going to do that, why not just pop on and let Me see the uncircumcised cocks so many of you have, and of which I am so fond?  Then you’ll be indulging two of My personal turn-ons, uncircumcised cocks, and accents, at the same time!

If you’ve got a small penis, and you’re a fan of being humiliated because of it, I can certainly do that sight unseen, but won’t it be just that much more humiliating for you (and amusing for Me) if I’ve got visual evidence of your misfortune?  Sure, pictures are nice (and entertaining), but to see it live, and watch you do things with it for My amusement, adds a new dimension!  And if you’ve got a nice one, perhaps suitable for dildo training of a different sort, I’d love to see that, too!  Sure, I’m a bit of a size queen, but even if it’s “respectable” and not huge, I’d still enjoy some visual evidence that you’re following instructions during stamina training.  If you’ve got something to brag about, why not show off on cam?  As long as you remember that having a big dick doesn’t change the fact of who’s in charge, W/e could have a lot of fun!

The bottom line is, I like to watch big dicks being stroked, and to humiliate small ones.  I like controlling cocks and fucking asses where I can see that I’m being obeyed.  I like to check the progress and attention to detail of My sissies and other feminized pets.  And if you’re an international pet (come now, I know what sluts you Germans are, and I know you visit My blog), it will save you money!  I live for the verbal exchange that takes place during My sessions, but if you take a notion, be aware that you can always entertain Me visually as well!