Erotic Audios

Please enjoy some of My erotic audios!

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Tease and Denial for Beginners


Sissy Feminization Mesmerizer


Cocktease Countdown


Coerced Cocksucking Mesmerizer


Pussy Worship


And various ringtones for the public humiliation addict, or maybe someone who uses their phone alarm to wake up!

Full free audios:

Reluctant Cocksucker

Dildo Yoga!

Endless Edging

Tantric Flush

The Finishing Touch

It’s Just Not Big Enough!

The Genesis of a Sissy Husband

Secret Sissy Exposed (script written by one of Our sisses!)

Miss Rachel Breaks Her Promise to a Teasetoy in Chastity

The Public Humiliation of Sissy Faggot Vicky!

Which Type of Visual Cockteasing Affects you The Most?

You Don’t Deserve Dick, Sissy Scum! (Script written by and recorded for sissy Inferior over at

CBT Revenge against a Subway Groper!

Mistress Krampus

The Pros and Cons of a Personal Stroker

Gooning Exercises — a little tease!

Gooner Surrender

Masturbation for Good Health— This is a script written by Niteman, a user on

A sample of My capabilities with the Giantess Fetish explored via audio — please note that I don’t indulge the giantess fetish in sessions.

There are more free audios recorded by Myself and other Goddesses of the Enchantrix Empire that you can browse, search, and listen to for FREE, simply by joining, or for Our friends who put the femme in Femdom,! Simply go to the .mp3 forums there and/or search My name!

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Miss Rachel Is The Pretty Girl Who Publicly Humiliated You!

Stud Cock Alarm Clock

Miss Rachel Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good!

Prepare to Become a Cuckold Cupcake!

Sissy Dyke Denial

Be Miss Rachel’s Cockteased Boyfriend!

Sissy, Let’s Fantasize: A Romantic Sissygasm!

Suck Cock for Me Like a Fleshlight!

There are more where that came from, so to enjoy My posts on any of Our training blogs going back through the last few years.  Check the Group Blogs tab for a linked listing! 

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