Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 1/4/24)

I thought it was about time for one of these!


1.) “Miss Rachel, why isn’t there anything sexy on your Wish List?”

I’m grateful for any gift or tribute I receive. That said, these are gifts for Me, aren’t they? Shouldn’t the list be populated with whatever I want to receive, and not what it titillates you to give?

Besides, I like to try on shoes, and see lingerie and accessories in person before purchase, so I prefer to get them Myself. **EDIT** I did add a few purses, and a certain sex toy I’ve been curious about!

Virtual bouquets are always welcome, and process-able through Our helpful dispatchers by phone at any time, as long as you and I have had a session within the last 7 days. I promise I’ll think of you the next time I drop 3 or 4 figures on a pair of Louboutins!

Lastly, I have more sex toys than any human being has a right to, and if I needed more of them I usually get those Myself. Like the above, I like to hold them in My hand before making the commitment. And I’d hate to have you spend your hard-earned money on something redundant in My collection, or that I may never use because it just isn’t right for Me.


2.) “Why won’t you masturbate as part of our session?”

To My mind, you are not coming to Me for sexual access to Me, you are coming to Me for My guidance and participation in your fantasies and kinks. I need complete concentration to do My best at that, and complete concentration to masturbate as well. I can only give My complete concentration to one thing at a time.

If your fantasies and kinks include listening to women cum, there are some ladies of LDW who will masturbate with you. It’s just that I’m not likely to be one of them.

Get in touch with Our wonderful help desk for a line on who will let their fingers do the walking or their vibrator buzz away, as well as let you know all about how much they’re enjoying it!

I won’t even simulate orgasm because you and I will both know on some level that it isn’t sincere.

That said, I am often wet and aroused when on a call. Very rarely, when I choose to, I have been known to touch Myself. Once in a blue moon, when the chemistry is that rare state of perfection, I cum, and My play partner is well aware of it. But the key phrase is when I choose. Even just asking Me to touch Myself can turn Me off.


3.) “Why aren’t you on when your schedule says you will be?”

For the most part, I am.

The exceptions are:

  • the increasingly rare occasion that I have deranged My sleep schedule. In that case, I’ll likely be in later and around later than usual until My sleep schedule works its way back to normal. That usually takes about two weeks, with gradual changes each night.
  • I’m on vacation or have an event to attend, and I’ll try to give you plenty of notice before that happens.
  • I’m around but not in an obvious way. Again, that’s something you can find out by consulting the pinned post on My blog. In this case, you and I can still have a session. You just need to contact Me via Skype (enchantrixrachel) or E-mail ( to let Me know you’re seeking one, or information about one.


4.) “How long will it take you to get My custom audio done?” 

It depends on how many others I have in the queue in front of yours, how busy I am with sessions, etc..

I will give you an estimate when you make your final arrangements. But in general, it’s best to give Me a week for every 10 minutes of audio you desire. This includes time to write the script (if you’re having Me do so), record, and edit.


5.) “Can I see naked pictures of you/Your boyfriend?”


I have some more intimate or uncensored photos I share with long-established playmates, but I don’t send them out willy-nilly. Adam has also asked Me to be extremely judicious as to who I share My “whole self” with, and out of respect for him, I comply.

Further, I believe that LDW attracts a very high class of clientele, those who are interested in the intelligent femdom phone sex We provide. I am here in part because this dovetails with what interests Me, the suggestion rather than the blatant, the images We can conjure and worlds W/e can inhabit using just O/ur brains.

Let’s face it: If you wanted free and easy graphic smut, the internet is full of it. We exist because a certain subset of kinksters want more than that, and I prefer to cater that mindset.

With regard to Adam, even though I have his utter support in what I do, and even though I do tell him about some of you (which he enjoys), he has no interest in being any more involved than that.


6.) “Can W/e just watch porn together?”

Hell yes.  As long as what’s going on is safe(er), sane, and consensual, W/e can have a viewing party!

I reserve the right, however, to NOT be aroused by what arouses you. And to be honest about it if asked.


7.) “Why don’t you do Giantess/shrinking calls?”

Because as intriguing as the idea is, I just don’t connect with it enough to provide you with what I think you’re looking for in a session of this type. I do, however, do Giantess/shrinking audios.


8.) “Why does everyone in Our fantasies have to be portrayed as of legal age/age of consent?”

  • I can’t connect to AB/DL fantasies, and therefore can’t facilitate them.
  • Remember safe, sane, and consensual?  It’s called “the age of consent” for a reason, and ethically, I can’t justify even portraying anything outside of that.
  • Gentle, sensual, but controlling/humiliating talk I can do. Babytalk, whether I’m doing the talking or you are, gets on My nerves, frankly.


9.) “What kind of toy should I get for training My ass?”

It depends on what you want it for, whether humiliation (where it doesn’t matter whether or not it feels good) or you are trying to reach prostate orgasm, or somewhere in between. Please check out this tab and the accompanying blog post(s) for more.

If I had to provide general advice to an anal virgin, I would simply say, don’t get too ambitious. But if you would like a more indepth recommendation, consider getting yourself a personalized one from Me.


10.) “What are your top 5 favorite kinks to explore in a session?”

  • Anything having to do with a dominant man being serviced by a submissive man, whether that be coerced bisexuality, cuckold fluffing, or cocksucker/fuckslut fantasies
  • Anything having to do with anal play or prostate masturbation
  • All things orgasm control/delay/denial
  • Most things humiliation-oriented
  • Pain and impact play of all kinds (cbt, spanking, etc.)


11.) “Why do I have to pay to talk to you/play with you?”

You don’t. To chat with Me, that is. But I do fantasy play ONLY in session.

(Well, I make plenty of blog posts and erotic audios you can enjoy for free, and I’d like to think those can get pretty steamy, but I get that what you’re asking about is more reciprocal.)

And I repeat, you don’t have to pay to hit Me up on Skype for a little getting-to-know-you chat. If I have time, I enjoy chatting on Skype about what kinks you might like to explore in a session. Same with exchanging E-mails. But note that I said if I have time.

My day involves more than just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. There are lots of things I do behind the scenes that enable Me to provide the superlative Femdom phone sex experience that you seek. So while I will gladly chat with you (without fantasy play) on Skype in a getting-to-know-you fashion, I simply don’t have time to talk all day long.

As to why I reserve explicit play for sessions:

  • Because sometimes people who are not 18+ hit Me up to chat, get sexual, and ew to that. Nothing wrong with youthful curiosity, but I need the assurance, ethically and according to personal taste, that whomever I engage is of legal age. You are vetted for such when you arrange for a session.
  • Because what I do requires My time, My concentration, My creativity, My intelligence, My sexual energy, and My expertise, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with expecting to be compensated for the expenditure of any of those (in the interactional sense). If you didn’t see the value in what I do, you wouldn’t want it so much. So why is it so hard for you to imagine I see the value in it as well, and might want more than your orgasm to show that you agree?

If this were a utopia, all the attention of all the dominant beautiful women would be free to anyone who wants it, anytime, expecting nothing in return. But this isn’t a utopia. And that’s not a realistic or fair expectation.

There are plenty of sexy amateurs who probably share your kinks with whom you can connect via various social media platforms. Get involved. Look them up. You can have all the free sex play you want, depending on where you look.


12.) “I can’t afford sessions. What should I do?”

I sympathize. But I unabashedly admit and accept the fact that what I offer is a luxury. I further accept the fact that not everyone can afford luxuries, and so should you.

Or, you should do what most people do when they really want a treat that’s beyond their means at the moment: save up for it.

If you go out on the weekends and eat dinner and run up a bar tab, you can afford a session. If you choose to do so, that is. It’s about priorities.

On the other hand, in this day and age, some folks are not in a position to afford any luxury at all. And as I say, I do sympathize. So, here’s what you can do:

  • Enjoy all the free content available around the Empire, like the Mistress blogs, group blogs, free audios, etc.
  • Join Enchantrix Perks, Our rewards program, where you accrue points for sessions you’ve had that can be redeemed for more time, or other erotic purchases.
  • Look around at the Mistress blogs and watch for contests different Mistresses do. The reward is often free minutes. These are often announced on The Daily Cock, so that can be a central location to keep you informed.

Hope this helps!



That’s all for now, but as questions crop up that seem to occur frequently, I’ll amend the page. 

Do you have a question the answer to which you’ve always wondered? Feel free to get in touch via E-mail at, and I’ll more than likely be happy to reply!