Hello, Horny Readers! So, some of you like to be humiliated and ignored by your Mistress?

Let’s talk about that!

I’m used to submissives clamoring for My attention. Whether they belong to Me, or only wish they did, I’ll dole it out as I see fit. In session, it’s understood that My favor is secured in exchange for obedience. Humiliation is frequently a factor, whether subtle or acute. After all, verbal and physical humiliation are among My favorite kinks.

Thankfully, the same is true for many of you as well!

I’ve learned, though, that some of you like to be both humiliated and ignored by your Mistress! Not many of you (that I’ve met anyway), but you definitely exist!

I’d like to know more of you. I feel inclined to cater to your interesting tastes, and perhaps to understand them better!

Humiliated and ignored during a two-Mistress session

When the alchemy is right, I love two-Mistress sessions. There’s a particular brand of fun to be had when My fellow Mistress is introducing Me to a subbie She knows quite well, while I do not.

I first experienced the ignore kink in just such a scenario. Or at least one permutation of it.

Mistress Brighton was My fellow Femdom, if I remember correctly. It would make sense, as She is a well-known expert at the ignore session!

She hipped Me to the fact that Our chew toy for the evening got all throbby and tingly while listening to the two of Us talk to each other, while ignoring him!

Most of the conversation concerned the kinky confessions he’d made to Her in other sessions.

But sometimes it would be about any and everything going on in Our Mistress lives, and not about him at all!

I absolutely understand and enjoy the erotic humiliation potential of listening silently as one Mistress regales another with all your dirty details. That’s pretty much de rigeur for the first few minutes of a two-Mistress session where one of Us knows the pet and the other does not. But it was a new experience to carry on an entire conversation, just Miss Brighton and I, while Our victim was an humiliated and ignored fly on the wall, his heavy breathing and occasional moans the only thing that betrayed his presence on the line!

I loved it!

What about by Mistress Rachel alone?

I’ve never had this type of session before!

Here’s where those of you who have a kink for being ignored can weigh in:

How do you envision such a session?

What do you like most about it?

I’ve done a little bit of googling on the ignore kink, so I have some idea of how it works when you are in the physical presence of your humiliatrix. I can see the allure of looking upon her beauty while she basically doesn’t even acknowledge that you’re alive.

But since you have only My voice, or the lack of it, to tease, titillate, and torment you, I’m curious to know how this works in the context of Femdom phone sex, and what elements of your kinky psychology it plays upon!

I can imagine that some of you like to think about the minutes of relative silence ticking by. These minutes will cost you and enrich Me. Some of you like to bask in the humiliation of knowing that you are gifting your Mistress in this way.

This is reminiscent of a certain kink My long-time readers will remember makes Me uneasy to say the least, but perhaps those of you who enjoy being humiliated and ignored in this way can tell Me how it’s different, if it is.

Or is it that you so worship Me . . .

That even the sound of My breathing while I go about the activities of My daily life is precious to you?

Perhaps the idea that some of you degradation slaves are so lowly, that you should be grateful even for that?

I can definitely imagine some activities of daily life that I would have no compunction about doing around someone I acknowledged as well beneath Me . . .

Do some of you think about that?

Why, you dirty sluts, you!  *giggle*

So, weigh in! Whether you love to be humiliated and ignored, or have never heard of it before but this post has sparked your interest!

How could W/e explore this more . . . together?


Mistress Rachel, Humiliatrix who will gladly ignore you!

P.S.: Listen in below to hear just what you might see if you were a fly on the wall in My apartment of a morning!