Anal Play and Cockteasing Remote Controlled by Miss Rachel!

You know, I’ve long wanted to explore with long distance remote-controlled toys. I mean, I’ve done some of that with toys I can use when I’m mere feet away from someone, but nothing like these!

The Hush seems like one of the offerings that would suit O/ur play well! Click the pic to go to the page! The Edge might be even better! Designed to target that slut spot! Click the pic to go to the product page!

I’ve been examining the Lovense line for a while, reading around the internet for reviews and testimonials, and although the majority of them were good, I just couldn’t give them My unvarnished approval. Since they’re a bit of an investment for My playmates, I was stymied by uncertainty.

But something sort of spooky happened, and that settled it.

I linked to one of the toys in a blog post, sort of fantasizing.


Then I went to Twitter to play around a bit, and found a post that turned Me on, which I re-tweeted.

Keep in mind, this is mere minutes apart.

Now, take a look at the replies to the retweet.

Nowhere did I mention the Lovense brand. But two replies came in that referenced them, minutes from the time I was looking at the page and linking to My blog post. Both of them giving a ringing endorsement, and one wondering why you don’t have one yet!

Coerced orgasm play, chastity prostate milking, cockteasing, tease and denial, erotic humiliation, chasing the hands-free orgasm . . . these could assist O/ur fun in so many ways!

That settled it for Me. I’m not religious, but I’ll cop to being superstitious, and I count that as three signs from the Universe that you and I should be having fun with these!

Or hell, I could edge the fuck out of you with this one! Click the pic to go to the product page!


Go on, give the site, and each product, a good perusal, and if you decide to get one, let’s go from there!


Miss Rachel