Goddess Rachel and CocoaTartan continue with Lovense toys for controlling your orgasm! 1-800-356-6169


Hello, Horny Readers! I’m back with more reflections on CocoaTartan’s Lovense toybox! If you missed the first installment, go back and read it here. It might be helpful to you to see the master list there, as well as caveats* to keep in mind as you read. If you, your partner, or especially your Mistress want to employ some new tools for controlling your orgasm, I think you’ll find it all helpful.

Goddess Rachel and CocoaTartan continue with Lovense toys for controlling your orgasm! 1-800-356-6169

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This time W/e should be able to make O/ur way through at least a couple more toys, including a few examples of how subjective this information can be!

Last time, W/e talked about two toys that have become favorites for ass play across the Empire, the Hush and the Edge. Heck, some of you have slutty titties, and have found the Hush useful in nipple play, right, Wessypoo? *giggle* Definitely two of My “road tested” favorites for controlling your orgasm remotely!

Those two rated high on CocoaTartan’s list as well. But there was one I mentioned that could very well edge out the, uh, Edge for the top spot in CocoaTartan’s heart (not to mention his hidey-hole).

Let’s start there!


The Ridge


I’m not sure how to describe this toy. Anal beads on steroids?

I mean, I’m only half-joking. Anal beads alone offer a special stimulation, especially when you slide them out on climax. But the Ridge both vibrates and rotates inside you, and you can control those two features separately!

Goddess Rachel and CocoaTartan continue with Lovense toys for controlling your orgasm! 1-800-356-6169

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CocoaTartan rated the Ridge a 5, just as he did the Hush and the Edge. As you may recall, this means “I would purchase this several times over”. But when I asked pretty much the same question in another way, i.e. which toys were “more than worth the money”, “worth the money” or “not worth the money”, the Edge and the Hush were both in the first category, and the Ridge was in the second.

I decided to probe (pun unintended) a bit further to see if W/e could isolate the reason(s) for the discrepancy, and I think W/e did:

  • He doesn’t have as much experience with the Ridge as with the others.
  • It’s mostly the tip that rotates, and he’d like it if all of it did.
  • He’s hopeful that beads on future generations are larger.

I understand, having actually seen and used one Myself (wouldn’t you have liked to see THAT during some cocktease and denial training). The toy isn’t as large as you might think (or hope).

But make no mistake. It packs a powerful pleasure punch in its modest size!

CocoaTartan liked how well this toy reached and stimulated his slut spot. However, he’s more a fan of prostate milking than prostate orgasm.

That said, I’m confident that the Ridge has great potential for milking an assgasm out of you!

Now then, what about another toy I’m now confident can milk you in another way?


A surprise contender for controlling your orgasm!


Goddess Rachel and CocoaTartan continue with Lovense toys for controlling your orgasm! 1-800-356-6169The Diamo!

I thought this vibrating cock ring par excellence was one of those toys best used with a partner. I confess, therefore, that I’ve largely overlooked it as a tool for controlling your orgasms.

As real as I intend O/ur distance domination sessions to feel, I cannot (yet) teleport to your location, impale Myself on your cock, and receive the benefit of the vibrating tail on My clitoris. And that’s the intended function of similarly-designed cock rings I’ve seen.

Don’t misunderstand; this one can serve that function if you have the opportunity. But what sets this toy apart in solo play, or when I’m controlling your orgasm, is the stretchy ring.

With more rigid rings, there’s a limit to position versatility. But the ring portion of the Diamo is stretchy. Enough to accommodate the base of the cock and balls together, much like the ring on a chastity device. And that means the tail can be pointed back underneath your balls for some delicious external prostate stimulation.

The vibration echoes through the ring itself, as well as helping with orgasm delay the way cock rings you may be used to do.

Lastly, it has a low profile, which makes My mind wander to the possibilities, if not for discrete public humiliation, then certainly public play!

So, once again, therefore, I have CocoaTartan to thank. This is another one he rated a 5, and “more than worth the money”. Without his enthusiasm, I may never have looked at it again, or encouraged you to do so!

Does anyone else in My readership have the Diamo? How do you like to wear and use it? How would you rate it? Do any of you use it with a partner?

Speaking of partners . . .


CocoaTartan’s Lovense Partnered Play!


CocoaTartan has a cis female partner. They haven’t used the Diamo together, but he has prevailed upon her to allow him to control another vibrating toy, the Lush 2, for her pillow princess pleasure!

Goddess Rachel and CocoaTartan continue with Lovense toys for controlling your orgasm! 1-800-356-6169

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Unsurprisingly, she loved it. It’s the last toy on the list that both rated a 5, and is one he’d buy repeatedly.

Future plans include inviting her to wear it on a night out at a club, so that he can synch the vibrations to the music!

Yes, that’s a fun feature of this toy!

Currently, Lovense is offering the Lush 3 on the site; If CocoaTartan decides to update, I’ll be sure to get his reflections on any and all differences.

But the important thing to know is that it’s a g-spot vibrator.

Far too few ciswomen are aware of the pleasure potential of their g-spot. And you, having been well-schooled by Myself and the other Mistresses of the Empire, should be invested in providing a woman all the explosive orgasms she may want, of every variety she’s open to, regardless of whether or not you get to cum.

CocoaTartan agrees, and the fact that this toy doesn’t involve his pleasure at all (save for the psychological) is one of the things he likes best about it!

(Now pardon Me while I tuck images of the cocktease torment of cock-locked slaves, in the tiniest chastity cages, channelling all their frustration into worshipping My pussy with the Lush to aid their tongues, into My spank bank!)

Well now, I think that’s enough for you to contemplate for this chapter, don’t you? *wink*

Let’s look forward to the next.


Next in CocoaTartan’s Toybox: Controlling Your Orgasm with The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!


Come play with Goddess Rachel, and bring your Lovense toy with you! 1-800-356-6169


Don’t get Me wrong, none of the Lovense toys are ugly, per se. They’re all nice-looking toys, if a bit awkward (I’m looking at you, Gemini). And whether or not any of them are bad is, once again, subjective. I’ll be curious, once part 3 is published, to see if any of you have different opinions or experiences with some of the toys CocoaTartan didn’t rate as highly.

But in the next installment, I’ll get into some of the toys CocoaTartan didn’t rate a 5, wouldn’t buy again, or both, and why. I’ll also share My opinions on some Lovense toys on his list that I haven’t recommended, or have, but wouldn’t again.

Once again, please do share your experiences with any of the toys in this chapter that you’re tempted by, or already own. Share with all your impression of them, and maybe some particularly delicious distance domination sessions you’ve had that featured a Lovense toy.

And finally, something I neglected to share in the opening chapter: feel free to add Me on the Lovense platform at rachel_kby, so that if you plan to have some Lovense play with Me, you’ll be ahead of the game!

Until next time!



Goddess Rachel, Controlling your orgasm, with Lovense toys and without!



P.S.: Hey sissies! Remember when I mentioned that the Lush allows you to synch the vibrations to music? I don’t think it’s the only toy that does, but in reading about it, that feature stood out to Me.

What about a soft sissy humiliation session where you get dressed, wedge that bad girl up inside your pussy, turn on some girlie music, and dance for Mistress on Skype while the Lush buzzes away to the beat?

I recommend wearing your low heels for that! *giggle*

* If you purchase a toy through the links or linked pics on this page, I receive a small commission. Just a reminder!