Hello, Horny Readers! Did you feel left out on Halloween because you’re too old to go trick or treating? No need! I’ve got a treat that’s sure to make all fans of distance domination smile!

Goddess Rachel gives you the rundown on Her favorite distance domination toys! 1-800-356-6169

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If you’ve frequented Our fun and kinky social network, Enchantrix Empire, or if you follow a lot of Us on other social media, you’ve probably seen the screen name CocoaTartan.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t. He’s a bit of a man of mystery. You never know when he might pop up, either in the comments of a tweet, or on the phone!

But when he does, the quality of the conversation is always high!

Recently I was favored with a call from him, and in the course of O/ur edifying and scintillating exchange, I learned that he is the proud owner of more Lovense toys than I’ve ever heard of anyone else having!

Now, for the benefit of any new readers who are still getting to know Me: I love Lovense toys. I think they’re one of the most excellent additions to the world of distance domination in recent years. And if seasoned fans of Goddess Rachel don’t know that, then surely they must know how much I love assplay.

And does Lovense ever have toys for that!

(Don’t misunderstand Me: Lovense makes all kinds of toys. But in My Femdom phone sex sessions, those I can make go “buzz buzz” where the sun don’t shine feature prominently.)

Anyway, CocoaTartan was kind enough not only to furnish Me with a list of all the toys he has, but to offer, for O/ur collective benefit, his experience with and impressions of all of them.

Are you excited? I am!

But first, a note or two.




There will be links to the site throughout this post. Either a hyperlink, linked pics, or both, should take you to one toy or another.

If you get inspired to make a purchase, great!

Please note, however, that if you purchase a toy through one of My links, I will get a little kickback. It’s important in the interests of full disclosure for Me to make sure you know that.

That said, the Lovense site isn’t the only place you can get their toys. If you find any elsewhere that seem like a better deal, by all means, get them. Beware of knock-offs, and understand that Lovense toys are the only ones I can confidently control via long distance remote.**

On the other hand, if you have items from another app-controlled toy line you’d like to use in O/ur distance domination sessions, I’m conditionally open to doing so.

Also, if you know of any new toys in the distance domination sphere that I may not have heard about, feel free to inform Me. I’m always interested in what’s new!

But Lovense has the best overall reviews, the highest quality toys of their type (in My opinion), and as far as I’ve seen, the best ratings of the app itself of all the app-controlled long-distance remote toys.

Lastly, I feel that My privacy and security are safe while using Lovense toys, and that yours is, too. If I don’t feel the same way about the app for whatever toy line you’d like to involve in O/ur play, I reserve the right to decline to download it.

Now then, enough with the boring stuff! Let’s get started looking at the toys, shall W/e?


Lovense toys for Distance Domination


Let’s take a look at the full inventory of the toys in CocoaTartan’s toybox (so far):Goddess Rachel gives you the rundown on Her favorite distance domination toys! 1-800-356-6169

  • Edge 1 and 2
  • Hush in both medium (1.75″) and large (2.25″)
  • Diamo
  • Gush
  • Domi 2
  • Max (he’s not sure what “generation” it is
  • Gemini
  • Ridge
  • Lush

Pretty impressive, right?

I canvassed CocoTartan on several areas, including but not limited to:

  • ease of use
  • value for the money, and
  • enhancement of sexual experience

I also asked him what he considered his main erogenous zone or kink. That influences which toys one will like best, but he’s clearly not limited in his explorations. *wink*

His answer? Prostate play.

That makes his selection for favorite toy overall a no-brainer.


The Edge


Now, recently, CocoaTartan has decided the Ridge might be gaining on The Edge, but W/e’ll talk about that in a bit.

Goddess Rachel gives you the rundown on Her favorite distance domination toys! 1-800-356-6169

Click the pic to check out the Edge!

With regard to the Edge, he has both generations. There’s apparently a “[subtle] ergonomic difference” between the two, but the main difference in his estimation is an upgrade to the charging mechanism (contact with the Edge 2 versus plug with the Edge 1).

One of the more subtle features I personally enjoy about the Edge is the slight flexibility to the head and stem. I’m a fan of anything that helps Me assist (or coerce *wink*) you to a strong prostate orgasm. The fact that you can make minor adjustments to the angle for better contact with your slut spot, therefore, only adds to this toy’s allure!

Anyway, CocoaTartan suspects that the change in charging mechanism might have been due to the susceptibility of the first variety to water damage when cleaning the toy.

I think that’s important. These toys aren’t cheap, and while I believe that you get what you pay for, rendering the investment worth it, it’s not an investment you want to have to make repeatedly. At least not due to incidental damage. Cumming like a little bitch for Me so often that you burn it out? Yes. Water damage? No. *giggle*

All things considered, CocoaTartan especially enjoys the fact that the Edge provides prostate stimulation both inside and outside of your body (and I like the fact that I can control each locus of vibration separately).

But I’ve learned over the course of many distance domination sessions featuring the Edge that not everyone gets as much out of the outside stimulation. If that’s true of you, then another CocoaTartan-endorsed Lovense toy might be more your style!

I bet some of you seasoned anal sluts know exactly which one that is.

The Hush


Goddess Rachel gives you the rundown on Her favorite distance domination toys! 1-800-356-6169So you say, “forget the gooch! Gimme those good vibrations alll in My slut spot!”

The Hush says “fair enough!” *giggle*

I asked CocoaTartan to rate all of his toys on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being “a complete waste of money, and I’m sorry I bought it”, and 5 being “I would buy this one several times over if need be”. The Edge and the Hush were two of 5 toys that he rated at a 5.

One of the things I like best about the Hush is the fact that it comes in four sizes (XS, S, M, L; you can see all four in the image above). CocoaTartan has both the Medium and the Large, and so far, prefers the Medium. In fact, the Medium Hush is the one of two sizes he rated a 5.

This shouldn’t indicate, however, that there’s some obvious difference between the two, aesthetically or functionally, aside from their size. He just hasn’t used the larger one as much.

Let’s face it, any avid butt slut knows that it can take time to get used to a larger anal toy. I’ve definitely seen all sizes of this butt plug in the flesh, and “large” is not false advertising. Grab yourself a measuring tape and mark out the provided dimensions to give you a better idea if the image doesn’t help. If I had to compare it to something, I’d say the Large is probably the size (and roughly the shape) of a big avocado.

Well, I think that’s a good start, don’t you?


CocoaTartan’s Lovense Distance Domination Toy Takes Will Continue!


As you can see from the master list, W/e’ve got several more toys to talk about! And for those of you who aren’t all that interested in anal play (more’s the pity), I promise not all of them are butt plugs of one variety or another!

It goes without saying that everyone’s body, circumstances, and kink interests are different. You may have a different experience or opinion on one or all of these toys. If you do, please share it in the comments. If you’re shy, send Me an E-mail. It might be nice if this series and its comment sections become kind of a reference point for experiences with Lovense toys in the Empire!

In any case, I gleaned a lot of useful information from what CocoaTartan shared, and I think you will, too!

In closing, I have a confession to make: CocoaTartan has never turned over control of any of these toys to anyone else, be that a Mistress, or a partner. I don’t think that factors much into his reflections on each toy’s efficacy, and it’s definitely something W/e’d both like to remedy sooner rather than later. But I thought you should know just the same.

Also, an off-topic confession: I’m too old to go trick or treating too, but I still bought Halloween candy and am eating it as W/e speak! *giggle* What can I say; I don’t work out so hard just because I want to look sexy in lingerie or naked. Those aren’t even the main reasons. The main reason is because I have a sweet tooth!

Anyway, stay tuned for part two, which should appear in a week or so!



Goddess Rachel, Distance Domination Domina


** Have you ever heard of HandyFeeling toys? Well really, it appears to just be one toy, but there are lots of attachments you can get from the store. It’s basically what both CocoaTartan and I wish the Lovense Max was (more on that in a future installment), a Fleshlight on steroids, and yes, suitable for long-distance remote control!

Another playmate introduced Me to it, and, suffice it to say it was the next best thing to Me being there to give him an edge-filled handjob Myself!

Check it out!