Hello, Horny Readers! My playmate CocoaTartan, whom you may remember from the exploration of his rather deep Lovense toybox, inspired a CFNM fetish fantasy in Me!

Goddess Rachel explores a CFNM fetish fantasy involving housecleaning! 1-800-356-6169

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Or, I suppose you could say, shared the seed of HIS fantasy.

I thought it was hot, and wanted to explore it with you!

So how did it come up?

Well, CocoaTartan and I were discussing the drudgery of housecleaning. Let’s just say there are other ways he’d rather spend his time.

Like gooning, for example. *giggle*

W/e can all relate to that, can’t W/e? I know I can!

Anyway, CocoaTartan is a bit of an exhibitionist, as evinced by the delightful cam shows he’s put on for Me as of late, and the fact that he doesn’t mind Me telling you all about them. After one such session, W/e were having a little aftercare/pillowtalk, and he brought up, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that perhaps My dominant personality and watchful eye would make this unwanted responsibility easier to bear!

I agreed, of course.

(And because it’s him, I imagined the Ridge and the Diamo in place for extra incentive!)

(Cue interlude wherein a moaning, air-humping, precum dripping CT is attempting to polish a floor while I look on with a devious smile)

Anyway, CocoaTartan suggested I tease out the potential in a blog post.

After all, I know how to clean a living space, and the idea truly is fertile fantasy ground!

Don’t look so surprised!

Yes, I clean!


You do chores, Goddess?



You would be forgiven for assuming that I have a sissy maid for that kind of thing.

Believe it or not, I don’t!

My sissies are for fucking, feminization, and humiliation. I do have professionals come through quarterly for a deep clean, but otherwise, your Mistress Rachel does Her own housework!

Goddess Rachel explores a CFNM fetish fantasy involving housecleaning! 1-800-356-6169I don’t really mind. I’ll put My hair up in a ponytail, don some comfy short-shorts and a tank top (sans bra), throw on some good music or a podcast, and My place is spic and span in no time.

A clean and orderly atmosphere is intimately connected to My overall wellbeing, and I never regret putting in the effort once it’s done.

It’s probably better for Me to do it Myself most of the time anyway. As I mentioned, I have pretty exacting standards, as much in housekeeping as I do in kink play.

Which brings U/s back to the matter at hand!

I shared the above with CocoaTartan, and both he and I came to the conclusion that while I might not be able to make house cleaning itself more desirable for him, I could certainly see to it that he, or any CFNM fetish boy, gets it done, and done well!

Now let’s stop and consider a minute: why is this such a perfect scenario?

Even before I thought through the details, this kinky scene just made sense on an intuitive level.

But let’s discuss why!


CFNM Fetish Housekeeping: Two layers of scrutiny!


The short answer is, it’ll put you in the right mindset!

If I require all of your nooks and crannies to be exposed and vulnerable to Me in a CFNM fetish fantasy, you’ll understand that I’m not liable to miss any dust bunnies under the furniture, either!

Or rather, I won’t allow you to miss any!

Perhaps I’ll have you stand at parade rest, naked as a jaybird, while I perform My initial inspection!

All the while you’ll be wondering whether it’s of your home, or of you!

It will be of both, of course!

As I run My finger across the top of the mantle, gauging just how far you’ve let things go and how hard I should scold you, would you shiver? Imagine My finger running across something else for a little cock teasing?

And what should I wear? Something brief, as I do when completing My own chores?

I hope you have a nice roomy wingback chair for Me, so I could lazily dangle one bare leg and foot over an arm while folding the other in. Remember, I did say the shorts I wear to clean are pretty small, so I’m sure I’d be showing off a nice camel toe. Perhaps a hint of labia poking out at the side . . .

That might be a good test for your level of concentration. If I see an erection, it might be an indication that your mind isn’t on your chores!

And it would offer Me an opportunity to redirect.

Depending on the tenor of the scene, I could laugh and point as your cheeks redden and you rededicate yourself to scrubbing and sweeping. Maybe pause and have you edge a few times before resuming your chore.

Or, I could admonish you by leaving a nice red handprint on one of the other cheeks, if you’ve got a taste for impact play to go with your CFNM fetish!

But that might occasion a different wardrobe!


Maybe a Covered Female should really be covered!


You know, to underscore further O/ur disparate status!

Furthermore, if your CFNM fetish fantasy involves the possibility of corporal punishment (say, for lack of attention to detail. Or perhaps just My entertainment!), maybe a more severe outfit would be more fitting:Goddess Rachel explores a CFNM fetish fantasy involving housecleaning! 1-800-356-6169

  • opaque pantyhose
  • a black but quite snug pencil skirt
  • a silky blouse that buttons up to the neck
  • heavy, smokey eye makeup, plenty of rouge, and brick red lipstick
  • hair swept back in a bun
  • a pair of cotton gloves for one purpose, and latex for . . . others?  😋

And of course, a riding crop.

Oh! And I can almost hear the click of My stilettos on your floors. A foreboding sound for some, erotically triggering for others!

Or perhaps knee high, spike-heeled boots, which you would be obliged to polish along with everything else? Perhaps with your tongue?

Put yourself in the naked and vulnerable male place in this CFNM fetish fantasy. What do you see Me wearing in your ideal scene? And would I be a teasing spectator, a strict inspector, a humiliating motivator, or what?

But don’t forget to let Me know why!


What would be your motivation?


Do you dream of a strict Mistress, fixated on productivity and attention to detail? Or are your fantasies characterized by something, whether reward or punishment, at stake after final inspection?

What would motivate you to obey, to be solicitous of My pleasure, to meet My standards, in a CFNM fetish fantasy of this sort? And what do you imagine the consequences might be if you fail? For example, would you be earning a release from chastity, or would you be trying to stave off more edges being required of you until your next orgasm?

Or would it just be about the thrill of domination, of being under My eye, and under My control?

Anyway, I’d like to thank CocoaTartan for providing yet more kinky inspiration! And I’d like you to share your reflections in the comments!

Do you have CFNM fetish fantasies? Do you need a Mistress to keep you productive in some area of your life? If what I’ve described in this post makes you tingle, how could W/e bring it to life in O/ur distance domination sessions?

Share all, and then let’s make it happen!


Until next time,


Goddess Rachel, the CFNM Fetish answer to Marie Kondo!