Hello, Horny Readers! Sometimes I wonder, could I have a shoe fetish?

When I share photos of shoes I love on social media, I’ve been known to tag them #shoefetish or #shoeporn or #heel worship, though My intentions are somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

That said, heaven knows I do own a lot of sexy shoes. Furthermore, I have to admit that I get a charge out of looking at, shopping for, and wearing a pair of sexy heels, whether boots or stilettos, that could fairly be described as erotic.

But does that count as a shoe fetish?

I’ve opined before about the difference between fetish and kink, and if you agree with the distinction that a fetish is something that must be present in order for a person to achieve sexual satisfaction, then I’d say I don’t qualify. Truth be told, unless I’m leaving the house (especially in the warmer months), I’m barefoot most of the time. That includes the time before, during, and after I fall into bed with My stud. Or get lifted up onto the counter by My stud. Or bent over the couch. Or visited in the shower. Or ravished in the garden . . .

Sorry, My mind wandered a bit.

Now then. I know some of you out there have a shoe fetish. One or two of you I have in mind could spend all day being aroused and humiliated by mine specifically. I’m happy to receive your worship, but in that situation, it’s the humiliation that satisfies Me, not the fact of you begging for, slavering over, or even being fucked by My hot heels. And when I’m hosting a submissive in My flesh and blood life, I may wear heels to complete a tone I want to set or to offer Me greater traction for a strap-on fuck, but again, that makes them tools and accessories, not the main course.

So, not a shoe fetish. What then?

If the perfect pair of stilettos is not a fetish for Me, they could very well be a kink, because even if not the main course, I’m sure that they are a source of Femdom empowerment both in a kink scene and out in the real world that I would miss without them.

Heels can hobble or emasculate in terms of coerced feminization, or they can comfort and thrill the cross-dresser. Some Women see stilettos as a tool of oppression. But when I put them on, the sexiness I feel, the strength and leanness and length they give My tennis-toned legs and the added roundness they seem to give My ass, the added height, the ownership in My stride, and the arousal they inspire in men who don’t have access to any more of Me than what they can devour with their eyes, make Me feel My dominant feminine power. And though that doesn’t count as a fetish, I think it’s definitely kinky.

How do heels factor in for you? Are you a submissive male for whom heels hold erotic power when worn by a beautiful woman, or are you held under her sway just as easily when she’s wearing sneakers? If you’re a sissy, how important are heels in your feminization, and what role do they play? How do heels function for My cross-dressing friends, who still identify as male but love female clothing? Please feel free to weigh in below!

Thanks for indulging My musings!

Now, for those of you who do have a shoe fetish, enjoy the little audio tease below!


Miss Rachel, Heel Lover