Hello, Horny Readers! When a slave has been very good, or when Mistress is in the mood to be generous, he may be allowed to have a roll in the hay with Me. He may be allowed to paint My body from head to neck with his tongue, to press his desperate flesh against My body and “bump uglies” as they say. But bumping is all he will be allowed to do for the most part, because the only scenario in which I would let a submissive slave get this close is if I were completely encased in a latex catsuit. I suppose you’d better develop a latex fetish, if you ever hope to experience this!

Do you have a latex fetish?

Some of you do. I wouldn’t say I have a latex fetish, but as with sky-high stilettos and shoe fetish, I enjoy latex clothing. I enjoy its effect on a latex-worshiping submissive, whether it’s Me wearing it, or you!

If you’ve got a latex fetish, what is it, do you think, that you love about it so much?

Personally, I like the way it displays My figure almost completely, down to the little points of My nipples and the outline of My waxed Mons Pubis, while denying you the privilege of a clear view or direct tactile access at the same time. I can tease and deny you very conveniently this way!

Even if you would never dream of being allowed direct access to what is securely ensconced inside My latex, rubber, or leather, exposing all that you wish you were worthy of and yet censoring what you are allowed to see is a visceral indication of both your status, and mine!

Latex for the captive slave

I love a sissy in latex, especially when he/r latex dress has a lock at the top of the zipper. S/he’ll remain trapped in feminization for as long as I wish! This is excellent for coerced fem sissy training especially. Further, latex has a naturally shaping quality which, depending on the garment and Mistress-chosen fit, can secure falsies in place nicely, as well as cinch in a waist and round a hip.

But what about the beta male?

I’d love to imprison you in a latex body bag. That would put you completely at My mercy, wouldn’t it? Imagine the torments upon which I could visit you! In fact, I’ve written more about My musings over beta male latex slavery and body bags here.

The only thing I would improve about the latex body bag pictured there is that I’d want a pocket for your cock and balls. The one pictured allows for zippering open the crotch area, but I fantasize about one that has its own latex compartment for your naughty bits, so that they’re still trapped, but open to My exploitation!

Come to think of it, maybe a vac bed would be best for O/ur latex fetish play!

So, where are My latex fetish sluts? I’m curious to know how W/e could explore O/ur mutual affection for latex in the context of a Femdom phone sex session!



Miss Rachel, Latex Fetish Femdomme!



P.S.:  I wrote you a terrible poem about latex and teasing. Press play below to hear it and have a laugh! Maybe a laugh and an erection at the same time!  See, I know you sluts . . . *giggle*