Update as of 9/23/2021
I’m having Internet problems and can’t be sure when I’ll be online for the next week.  Check the link below to see if I’m available for calls, or call Our helpful dispatchers at 1-800-356-6169 for the most up to date information on My availability.


My official playtime is 1pm to 1amEST most days of the week.

Given My penchant for late-night assignations (whether with My boyfriend, a submissive, or Netflix), sometimes My sleep schedule gets disorganized, and so My schedule here does as well.  If I can anticipate that this will be the case for an extended period, I’ll post about it here on My blog, and Tweet as well.

The other exception is that on Friday and Saturday nights, I often don’t arrive until 8 or 9pmEST.  Sometimes I take those nights off.

Here’s a quick reference link for you to bookmark, and check whenever you want to know whether or not I’m available at any given time.

Unless I have another engagement I can’t break, I’m happy to make sure I’m available to you anywhere between 11am and 2amEST via an appointment made 12 hours in advance.

To do so, contact me at