Social Media

Feel free to add Me or follow Me or contact Me via the following:
Skype:  Rachel Enchantrix/enchantrixrachel

Twitter:  @FemdomEnchanter

Please note: As of 5/4/2019, I’m still locked out of My main Twitter account while Twitter decides whether or not a Dominatrix is allowed to upbraid a humiliation slave with abusive language.  It’s been a week and counting!  Come join Me on My auxillary account @RachelEmpress!  I’ll still keep the old one, and hopefully be allowed to return to it soon, but meanwhile, add Me there to keep up with what’s on My dirty mind!

Now that Tumblr has ceased to be a viable platform for sharing Femdom inspiration, I’m going to be spending a lot of time on Twitter, and trying to spend more time on Our free social network, Enchantrix Empire! 

If I’m logged in for sessions, I am almost sure to be logged in to both Twitter and Skype.  Skype or E-mail are the best ways to contact Me immediately when I’m around!