Getting-To-Know-You Questionnaire

Greetings to all my potential new playmates and submissives!

Please feel free to fill out this “getting to know you” questionnaire before arranging for a session.  

You can copy and paste both the questions and your answers into an E-mail, and send it to Me at I will reply to you as soon as possible!

  1. What is/are your favorite fetish(es) to explore during a session?
  2. If you don’t have a particular fetish in mind, what do you look for in an erotic phone session?
  3. Do you consider yourself submissive?  If not, how would you describe your “sexual personality”?
  4. Do you identify as gay, straight, bisexual, bi-curious, or “it depends”?
  5. If you answered “it depends” to the above, please feel free to expand on your answer below:
  6. What brought you to my blog, or to the LDW world of FemDomme in general?
  7. What tone do you prefer in a session?  Strict but sweet?  Degrading and humiliating?  Humiliation without the degradation?  Sensual but controlling?  Something else?
  8. What is a “sensual Domme” to you?
  9. What length of session do you usually prefer?  Just in general.  You don’t have to assign a number to it.  Quick and dirty?  Taking our time but not all the time in the world?  Or really investing in a lot of time together (multiple hours)?
  10.  Do you enjoy voice to voice contact, or do you prefer text sessions?
  11. Would you like me to watch you on webcam while we play?
  12. Are you interested in two-Mistress sessions?
  13. How much contact with your Mistress do you like between sessions?
  14. Do you like to play with the same Mistress regularly, or do you like to change it up?
  15. What is your preferred way to interact with your Mistress between sessions, E-mail or chat via Skype chat?
  16.  Do you belong to our free social community,
  17. What topics would you most like to have Me write about here on My blog?
  18. Do you read erotica? Have you ever written any?
  19. Does anyone in your flesh and blood life know about your fetishes (if you have them), or are they a secret?
  20. What do you most want/need to know about a Mistress in order to feel comfortable with her in session?
  21. Do you have, or have you ever had and used, any sex toys?  If yes, which ones?  If not, are you curious?
  22. Do you have any “trigger words”?  Words that either send you over the edge into ecstasy (or at least push you toward it), or that turn you off immediately?  I have some of the latter.  Feel free to ask me about them!
  23. What else should I know about you?