Hello, Horny Readers! I was looking back through My blog post history, and it seems I’ve never addressed the concept of Female Superiority directly. Unbelievable!

I mean, obviously I’ve alluded to it, why some men are particularly susceptible to Femdom, and even why most men are better off under the control of a dominant woman. But I’ve never written specifically about whether or not I believe women are superior to men.

Believe it or not, on its face, My convictions read like those of many mainstream commentators would: Men and women tend to be different. That doesn’t (necessarily) mean one is “better” than the other.

What does “better” mean in this context anyway? Better at what? Better for what?

Lastly, a phrase I see in Femdom environs often is that men are weak, which is why women should have ultimate control over them personally, and in society.

So what do I think about all of that?


Female superiority in the human experience.


A wise person once said to Me, anyone who needs you to make yourself smaller in order for them to feel important isn’t really strong. My presence in the world as a dominant woman isn’t dependent on all men being controlled, humiliated, and dominated. Otherwise, how could I have sustained a loving relationship with an Alpha male for almost a decade?

The problem is, there are too many men in the world who don’t feel the same (see the Red Pill movement). In their minds, their “strength” is all too dependent on who they can control, who they can compel to make themselves smaller in order to ratify their power. It’s often based in the concept that they have the right to control those who are different than they are, because they believe, or manufacture the belief, that those entities are innately inferior. I do blame testosterone in a wry sort of way for many of the ills of the human experience: war, violence, money, possessions over all, etc.


So how are women different?


I believe women, given their ability to incubate and nurture life, and their comparative inability and disinclination to rely on brute force to solve problems, are naturally more communal, and more cunning. Why use a sledgehammer where a scalpel will do?

Sure, a scalpel takes more patience and more subtlety, but causes much less damage to everything around it and achieves the same results.

There are times when overwhelming force and aggression have their uses, so I’m not saying that the nature of men (in general) is inferior to the nature of women (in general). I’m saying that any powerful force can’t be left unchecked. It’s better for all for that power to be harnessed. Some men can recognize and harness it in themselves. Some need help.


Female superiority as part of sex play.


Obviously, bringing a submissive male to his knees turns Me on. Or, to his elbows and knees. Or, to the spa for a sissy makeover . . . you get My point. But it’s not because I consider My submissives, nominal penises that they might have notwithstanding, of lesser value than Myself as human beings. I talked somewhat seriously about the presence of male energy in the world and how it benefits all that it be both harnessed, and perhaps tempered by Female energy, but W/e’re talking a bit more whimsically now.

The very same testosterone that can make male energy a problem, also reveals vulnerabilities that are fun to exploit. Sex play is a microcosm of the harnessing of that energy. The idea of a penis as a joystick by which a man can be controlled is very apt. And just as testosterone is responsible for aggression, it’s also responsible for, typically, a higher sex drive than in women. Women’s vulnerabilities tend to be more emotional. Mens? You guessed it–sexual. Or rather, the dominant vulnerability in one is the way to get to the other.

As an aside, the other day I was contemplating whether or not lots of Female equestrians could be dominants by nature. I mean, there must be some allure to having control over so much power, training and breaking a being to the extent that just the twitch of the reins turns 2,000 pounds of muscle whichever way you want.

I’ll settle for 180.  *wink*


So, do I believe in Female Superiority, or not?


As you can see, the answer isn’t straightforward. For the purposes of clarity, I’m going to say, sort of. Not in terms of generalized intrinsic human worth, but in terms of every other way it can be meant? Well yes, I guess I do. I think the world is beginning to see, as more women come into political and social power, and the more that the Victorian, patriarchal, judeo-Christian views of gender and sexual orientation are being challenged and changed in favor of more nurturing, open, and affirming ways of viewing the world, the world is changing for the better.

And obviously, in the dungeon, My bedroom with a submissive, or in the context of Femdom phone sex, it’s the only way to fly.

How about you? I mean, you’re here, so obviously certain Femdom kinks arouse and intrigue you. But in your day to day life, do you believe in Female Superiority?

Tell U/s about it in the comments!


Miss Rachel, (conditional) believer in Female Superiority


P.S.:  Listen in below to a short audio on how I differentiate between Female Superiority and Female Supremacy.