Hello Horny Readers, and Happy Masturbation May!  To celebrate, many of Us dominant Women will be writing blogs all centering around different ways to enjoy this favorite pass time of most LDW playmates. Miss Andi kicked things off yesterday with Her post regarding the anticipation with which a stroke boy looks forward to having “time alone”.  Today, I’m going to encourage boys to get the most they can out of self-pleasure by giving some consideration to anal play masturbation.  It’s not for everyone, but too many boys are severely under-utilizing the privilege of having a g-spot up their assholes.  Stimulating it while stroking can take that favorite pass time and make it even more memorable!

Engaging in anal play masturbation doesn’t make you gay!

I’d like to think that by now, most boys realize that the enjoyment of anal masturbation isn’t a symptom of a particular sexual orientation, but of all the guys who’ve come to Me looking for ways to spice up their masturbatory life, more than a few have been hesitant to try it simply because they seem to think it does!  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times:  there’s nothing wrong with being gay, but gay men enjoy anal stimulation because it feels good, not because it’s a hallmark of being gay!

It doesn’t have to hurt!

Another objection I’ve heard to giving anal play masturbation a try is the fear of pain.  I’m not an advocate of forcing things, but I really doubt that there’s an asshole out there so tight that it can’t accept at least a finger with the right psychological preparation and enough lube!  That’s right–anxiety can make your pucker seize up!  So relax, take your time, and open up!  If you are one of the few boys who truly have an asshole, or a mind, that’s too rigid to allow it, you can still locate and stimulate your “slut spot” from the outside.  The space between the balls and ass can be rubbed with fingers or a vibrator for a milder, yet still pleasurable effect.

Try some toys!

Speaking of vibrators, there are a number of toys you can use to add some in-and-out to your up-and-down! Check out the tab at the top of this page where I offer some recommendations for toys meant to enhance both masturbation and anal play.  From anal beads to big fat dongs, there are any number of things a boy can work up to using for anal play masturbation.  If you don’t fancy the idea of fucking yourself for your Mistress, but you still want to experiment with prostate stimulation while stroking your cock, a good ass plug, either vibrating or analog, or something like the Aneros, is just as, if not more effective, for kicking your self-pleasure up a notch!

Masturbation May is the perfect time for trying something new!

Need some encouragement or guidance in exploring anal play masturbation?  Masturbation May is the perfect time!  Those who know Me well are probably not surprised that I’d choose to focus on the possibilities the asshole holds for My post, given that I’m addicted to the male slut spot and ass, so I encourage curious boys to seek Me out for some enthusiastic, yet patient ass play coaching!  If you don’t get around to it this month, never fear;  It’s never a bad time or too late!