Hello, Horny Readers! As you probably know, May is Masturbation month. I’m always one to encourage a stroke boy to change up the way he masturbates, and there’s no better time to give that endeavor some thought! So I wondered, have any of you ever considered adding a bit of sensory deprivation to your quest for orgasm? Blindfolded, wearing ear plugs, maybe touching yourself everywhere but your erogenous zones for the majority of the time, or even touching those erogenous zones in a different way are some of the things with which I’d like to experiment, using you as the guinea pig!


I can hear some of you now: Miss Rachel, how will being blindfolded enhance My experience?

Well, why don’t you find out? Maybe it won’t. You’ll never know unless you try it.

I’m thinking that you may not realize how much you rely on what you can see when you masturbate, even if you’re not watching porn. I’m sure the sight of your erection pumping in and out of your fist is alluring. But without even knowing it, things on the periphery of your vision or consciousness could be stealing some of your focus, and therefore, some of the experience. Even if they aren’t, what would happen if you were in the position to simply feel and hear, but not see?

There’s a reason most people close their eyes when they’re trying to relax. But even consciously keeping your eyes closed takes effort. If you were blindfolded, you wouldn’t even have to divert effort, however small, to that.

Maybe being blindfolded while you explore your body will be surprisingly disorienting. How much do you rely on visual cues to know your own body? But whether it’s in a session with Me, enjoying an audio, or all by yourself, I’m curious to know whether a blindfolded stroke boy might experience a deeper connection to his own pleasure.

Put in some ear plugs and truly shut out the world.

You’re naked, laying back on the bed. You’ve got your lube ready, your eyes are closed, your balls are full, and you’re going to have some serious quality time with yourself. You don’t need any porn, just your own imagination and maybe a favorite sex toy or two.

Now imagine going erotically inward so completely that the only sounds you hear are your own heartbeat and breathing. No hum of appliances (it’s crazy how deaf to these sounds we become until even they are gone), no distant lawn mower, no traffic, no birds. Not even the wind.

This kind of sensory deprivation would make some people panic or feel claustrophobic. But I’m thinking others might find it meditative, almost tantric.

Try it out for Me and let Me know what, if anything, happens!

Touch yourself for Me. No, not there. And not like that.

I’ve got some guy friends who insist that men are sexually simple. You’ve probably heard Me say that Myself. But is it true beyond the glib? Or is it a socially-induced expectation?

They say that men don’t need or want anything other than rigorous stimulation of their cock and balls until they cum. Some men have learned of the pleasures of prostate stimulation, and others will admit to fondness for a bit of nipple play, but I rarely hear about men touching themselves, or being touched, in ways that don’t involve those areas.

When My boyfriend is making love to Me (as opposed to when We’re in the mood to fuck like animals), sometimes he just barely grazes his fingertips across My skin, from My ankles to the back of My neck. He does this before We even so much as kiss. He does it over and over, and damned if eventually My nipples aren’t like pebbles, and My pussy soaking wet.

As foreplay with yourself, have you ever touched everywhere but the easiest spots to please?

What about with a feather? What about with a pinwheel?

So, calling all guinea pigs, or those who have already done this sort of exploration: What were the results?

If you’d like to try some of this in the context of a session, I’d be more than happy to be a fly on the wall! But whether you try it with Me or by yourself, I’d like to know what happens. Even if it’s nothing.


Miss Rachel, masturbation Mistress