Recently, I had a call with a new friend with an interesting take on masturbation toys. With his permission, I’ve decided to tell you about it. First, let me explain the scenario involved.

This gentleman, who shall remain nameless (unless he chooses to identify himself in the comments section), is in a D/s relationship with his girlfriend, who happens to be one of us dominant women. In fact, it was in the hopes of pleasing her that he suggested I write about one aspect of their play.

I suppose it’s fair to call her his Mistress. As part of their play together, she issues him instructions, mostly geared toward humiliation. Hopefully we’ll talk more in the future with regard to other means of humiliation, but on the night we spoke, the humiliation instructions involved being watched on webcam, both by me while we talked, and by her and her girlfriends at a remote location . . . while he used a cantaloupe as a stroke toy.

Now, in my opinion, fruit is sensual in and of itself, evocative of Eden and everything lush and verdant. The same with flowers, but the fact that one eats fruit makes it all the more transferable to other aspects of sensuality. So intellectually, it seems fitting that one might use it in this manner. The cantaloupe had a perfect, tapered hole cut in it, that I had to admit did look wet and inviting. He explained that he’d left it out for a while, to bring it to room temperature. My sub playmate was naked from the waist down, and wore one of my favorite kinds of cock and ball rings: The variety attached to a harness, that included a butt plug inserted to the hilt and held in place by its straps. It was a stimulating sight indeed, one I’d heard of but never seen before.

I was surprised at how much the entire scenario turned me on. The activity of masturbating with produce, and being watched while doing it, was at once humiliating and exciting to him. The reported intensely pleasurable suction created by the fuck hole in the fruit as he withdrew and reinserted his cock repeatedly. The fact that he was ordered to do this in the context of female domination. The fact that he was induced to masturbate for me. All of it made for a call that I believe satisfied all concerned, and which introduced me to something new.

Have you ever considered masturbating with fruit? What are your thoughts on this scenario?