Hello Horny Readers!

My new sissy has been doing very well locked in chastity.  I can’t say that I’m surprised.  If you’ve been keeping up with this blog series, you may recall that although her clitty functioned reasonably well during masturbation (especially while watching gay porn), when called upon to please a woman, said clitty was unreliable at best.  You may further recall that the only means by which s/he could be certain to provide a usable erection when in the presence of True Womanhood was if s/he had something in her pussy.  And even when not under pressure to perform as someone s/he isn’t, in her private masturbatory moments, s/he still desperately craved to be fucked.

But what I may not have shared in the first two installments is the amount of distress her failure as a Real Man caused her.  S/he still felt the unbridled lust that many men experience.  S/he still felt the desire to be able to give pleasure as well as to receive it, and was fixated by the uncooperative piece of flesh between her legs.  Reader, my heart went out to her.  I immediately discerned what needed to be done.  S/he needed a release from the pressure of expecting of her clitty what it could not reliably give, and that release could best be achieved through a program of gradually escalating masturbation management and orgasm denial, terminating in long term chastity.

Placing that recalcitrant clitty on indefinite hiatus will also pave the way for her to find a new means of providing pleasure while still receiving it, through allowing her to concentrate on her already-needy pussy.  Why let all that fantasizing about cock and natural affinity for anal play go to waste?  Chastity training is a challenge, and the burden of adjusting one’s self to a lack of access to at-will clitoral orgasms can be alleviated somewhat through judiciously milking the prostate.  But for my slutty feminized protege, eventually that milking will be done with a real, live, throbbing Stud Cock.

It all makes sense, doesn’t it?  The perfect storm of feminization, chastity, and nascent cocklust.  I hope that all of you, my dear horny readers, will wish my budding sissy cockslut and I a successful journey.