Hello, Horny Readers!

By now, most of you know that Miss Rachel functions according to an assumed sexual hierarchy, the pinnacle of which is True Womanhood, followed closely by the Alpha Male Stud Cock, and somewhere down the line terminating at the beta male submissive.  The sexual life of all others should be pointed toward the satisfaction of the erotic needs of dominant women, what ever their predilections may be.

Even men who don’t consider themselves submissive (some consider themselves actively dominant, and for these I have no use) have and should have a great deal invested in being able to satisfy their lovers.  It can be said that sexual prowess on the part of a man is closely tied to his claim to manhood.  So if, for whatever reason, a man cannot satisfy his lover, can it not be said that his manhood itself has been abdicated?  If he is not a man, what is he?  Maybe others will have their own answers, but in Miss Rachel’s world, some degree of feminization simply seems par for the course.

This is not to suggest that the goal is to transform such a submissive to True Womanhood, for just as he can no longer be considered a Real Man, he certainly cannot hope to achieve the exalted status of the pinnacle of all sexual existence. Thankfully there is a designation for such a “man” that falls somewhere in between:   The sissy.  Sissies are, whether by nature or by nurture, submissive.  And whether the feminization of a failed Real Man into sissyhood is a realization of a self-discerned true nature, or a vehicle for sexual humiliation, the process certainly serves as a potent reminder of his rightful place in the sexual hierarchy.  And in the case of my new submissive and others like her, I hope that it will relieve the pressure induced by expecting a beta male with a broken or small penis to function as a Real Man.

In the final installment of this series, I will discuss how extended chastity will further the relief of the pressure to fight for an abdicated masculinity that plagues many submissive beta males, and how it opens the door to a means of satisfying others that all men, especially submissives, crave.  Namely, through the encouragement of those who, like my new submissive, are curious about cock.