Hello, Horny Readers!It’s time for another installment of my sweet pupslave’s wonderful and slutty story of submissive servitude, sissy humiliation,  and pet training!  I know you were all waiting for more, and s/he won’t disappoint!


I woke up to the feeling of a foot gently but firmly nudging me off my doggie bed. I opened my eyes and blearily looked up to see Goddess Rachel standing over me in her pajamas.

“Where’s my breakfast, slaveboy?” she asked sternly. “I’ve already taken two calls this morning, and you have yet to scramble a single egg. If the point of a slave is to make it’s owner’s life easier, you are not off to a good start.”
“I’m sorry, Goddess,” I said as I slowly got up. This was my first morning of slavery, and my brain was having trouble trying to figure out how it should react to my being naked, the pair of cock rings around my manhood, and the fact that I had slept on a doggie bed. “I didn’t bring any kind of alarm clock or realize I needed to be up at a certain time.” [Rachel’s note:  When sluts make excuses, it just makes you want to subject them to extreme teasing and chastity, or some form of corporeal punishment, doesn’t it, my fellow Mistresses?]
Goddess Rachel’s hand swatted my face, leaving a stinging imprint on my cheek, and she said, “That is not my problem, slut. Did you really think that being my slave meant sleeping in?”
“I…I guess I never thought about it, Goddess,” I said meekly.
The Enchantrix looked me over and said, “You might want to think about things a bit more, then. Now clean yourself up nice and quick and then go make me pancakes and scrambled eggs. Oh, and while you’re cleaning up I want you to give yourself twenty slaps to the balls and fifty to your ass.” [Rachel’s note:  Ooh!  There’s the disciplinary spanking I was looking for!] Then she ran a hand across my chest and added, “I like you. I wouldn’t have taken you on if you weren’t as cute, obedient, and even fun as you’ve seemed so far, but I expect excellent service from my slaves and I will discipline you severely if you don’t give it to me. Now go, but first I want you to thank me for helping you be a better sub.”
“Thank you, Goddess Rachel,” I said. “Thank you for helping this lazy slut to become a proper slave. Thank you, Goddess, for letting me know how to serve and worship you like a good sissy.”
Goddess Rachel smiled, patted me on the head, and said, “Off you go.”

Awww, what a sweet little pet!  S/he just needs a little training, that’s all!  Stay tuned to see how we progress!