When I got into the bathroom, I realized I didn’t actually know what cleaning myself up consisted of, but in the end I decided to be thorough about it, which was difficult because I was also supposed to be as quick as possible while also taking time to punish my ass and my balls [Don’t you mean MY ass and balls, My frilly sissy fuckdoll?  I’ll have to remember that for the next time we have a session!]. After showering, cleaning out my bowels, shaving, and brushing my teeth, I left the bathroom, desperately hoping I hadn’t taken too long and disappointed my mistress. As I left, I found a pink apron with the words “Rachel’s Slut” embroidered on it hanging from the door along with a pair of lacy, pink panties. I still had no idea if I had taken too long, but I still smiled happily to see the outfit Goddess Rachel had provided for me. I went to the kitchen and began preparing the late breakfast with the sense of being just what a sissy should be.

“Hey, bitch!” said Goddess Rachel as she came into the room. She came up behind me and gave my ass a nice, firm slap. “Ready yet?”

“Almost. Just a minute more or so.”

“That’s fine,” she said. She slid a hand under my apron, ran it over my torso, pinched each nipple, and moved down to my cock. “Do you think you can be a good sissy today and tend to all my desires?” She began to slowly jerk my cock up and down and up and down…

“Uh huh,” I replied, struggling to keep focused on the task at hand.

“Good.” Goddess Rachel’s hand sped up. “I think I’m going to take you shopping today. We can pick out skirts and panties and you can wear your leash and it’ll be all kinds of fun.”

I groaned.

“I just love playing with good little toys,” continued Goddess Rachel. “In fact, I’ve actually gotten into a bit of a mood right now. I’m not exactly sure what to do with you at the moment though.” The jerking sped up. “What do you think? Come on slut, I want you to tell me all the ways I can use you and why you love all of them.”

I dropped the last pancake on the stack and hurriedly started dumping things in the sink. “I love it when you make me dress up for you, Goddess,” I said in a rush. “I love being your doll, your plaything, a little, girly toy that looks however you want it to look. I love it when you fuck my ass, Goddess. I love feeling your strapon pushing into my sissy pussy and knowing that you are getting off on my ache. I love licking your perfect ass, Goddess. I love feeling your weight on my face and the touch of your flesh squeezing against it. I love to worship your feet, Goddess. I love the smell of them, the feel of them, the taste of each toe as I suck and lick it clean. I love being slapped and whipped by you. I love showing the endurance of my devotion, and I love yelling and moaning in exactly the way you tell me pleases you best, and I love know the pleasure my pain brings you. I love eating your pussy, Goddess. I love pressing my face into the seat of your perfect sexuality and delighting you with my tongue or even my whole face if you like.”I said it all as quickly as I could struggling not to give myself over to the feelings in my cock. [Whew!  Another perfect paragraph!  I’ll bet even some of you submissive sluts want to fuck her yourself after that!  The perfect fuckdoll for any strapon femdom fantasy!  pupslave, I want to fuck the cum out of you right now!]

“Do you want to cum, slut?” asked Goddess Rachel.

“Yes, Goddess,” I said in an agonized moan. “May I please cum, Goddess?”


Goddess Rachel let go of my cock, grabbed my collar, spun me around, and slapped me again right in my face. “I will never allow you to cum before me, slut. Now go back to my room, get on the bed, and stick your ass up the air while I put on my strapon. And remember, if you cum without my permission I’ll put your manhood in a little cage.”

I don’t know about you, but My panties are wet and My heart is racing, and I’ve already read this about five times!  Tune in for the next chapter!