Aren’t you lucky, Horny Readers?  There’s more to the story my pupslave wrote for Me, and you get to read it!

“Come on slut,” called Goddess Rachel in a sing-song voice as I followed behind her.

We were in the local mall and I was wearing a leash, a miniskirt, some light makeup, and a T-shirt with “sissy whore” written on it in bold, pink letters. I made sure to wiggle my ass as much as I could as I followed behind the Enchantrix into a clothing store. I felt blood rush to my face as passersby expressed their various reactions to my state, whether it be confusion, scorn, or laughter. One girl made a light tap against my ass as she walked past us that made me jump a bit, and Goddess Rachel turned and asked the girl to come back because if I was to be spanked I should be spanked properly [Miss Rachel’s note :  Ooh YES!  *claps hands merrily* I love spanking!].

“What do you say, slut?” asked Goddess Rachel after the stranger had administered several hard swats to my rear.

I inclined my head to the girl and said, “Thank you, Princess.”

As the amateur mistress went on her way, Goddess Rachel winked at her and said, “If you even feel like getting a bit more of that, look up Rachel Enchantrix with LDW and I’ll see what I can do for you. It’s always lovely to run into new talent.” Then, after the girl had left, she pulled me down by my leash and my hair and slid her tongue between my lips. She took her pleasure from me for several long moments, my dick growing hard with desire for the Goddess, and then she broke it off. She kissed my cheek, patted my head, and said, “I just love showing off my pets, and you did a good job showing yourself off to her. Which is why you have earned the privilege of worshiping my feet.” [Ooh YES!  Worship my feet, slut!]

We went over to a bench and the Enchantrix lifted her right foot up before me. At once I knelt down and began to kiss the skin left exposed by her shoe. I pressed my lips lightly at first and then more ravenously just a few moments later. I allowed my tongue to slide out and begin cleaning the sole of her shoe, the dirt and grime giving way to my saliva and clinging to my tongue as if it were a washcloth. I heard people talking about me, stopping to stare, taking out phones, and again I felt a surge of humiliation and accompanying arousal. At the command of Goddess Rachel, I changed feet and continued as I had with the other. She allowed me to stop for a second so that she could spit into my mouth, the extra saliva helping me to wash my tongue a bit and be a better foot cleaner. Then she allowed me to slide off each shoe and begin working on the toes, and then the soles, and the rest of her bare feet. She kicked my face lightly when I became too enthusiastic and I would resume a more leisurely pace, slowly licking and sucking at her perfect feet. Then, when I thought I was done, she began calling to some of the women who paused to watch.

“He’ll really do it?” asked one girl about my age as she slid her shoes off.

“He’ll do anything I tell him to,” said Goddess Rachel as she patted my head happily. “He loves the power I have over him.”

I heard the girl laugh and she said, “I’m not sure if that’s cute or pathetic! Whatever it is, it’s great at this end.”

I went through five other women of various ages (and two water bottles to clean out my tongue) over the course of the next hour before Goddess Rachel decided it was enough, which was good because I was actually getting tired. It turns out that even foot worship involved a certain amount of stamina, especially since I was also rubbing the feet and calves with my hands.

“Where are we going, Goddess?” I asked.

“You’ll see in a moment, slaveboy,” she answered back.

She was right. It took only about half a minute before we entered the clothing store [Ooh!  Sissies night at the department store!] and I was led straight to the women’s clothing section. My embarrassment intensified, the blood rushing once more to my face, and I slowed down until the Enchantrix found herself tugging at my leash. She turned around, strode back to me, and slapped my face hard.

“Do NOT do that again, slut,” she said sternly. “How many more people do you think are staring now? This is not a session or anything else that you paid for. This is training, which means that it’s my job to push your boundaries, not stop short of them. If you feel like this is too much, the only way out is through. [Oh my god, that’s brilliant!] Resistance will only make it worse.” She tugged at my leash to bring me down to her eye level. “Understand?”

I nodded.

“Good,” she said with soft menace and playfulness mixing in her tone. Then she turned and waved a hand to one of the employees. “Can I have a little help?” she asked. “My slut here needs some proper sissy outfits and I have no idea what to go with.”

to be continued, for the pleasure of the Enchantrix