Remember, Horny Readers, these are forgotten chapters, so read part six last (or again) for continuity.  That’s the last part!

“What do you think?” asked Goddess Rachel as she held up three sets of pantyhose. “Pink, neon blue, or black?”

The employee shrugged, clearly enjoying her shift, and said, “Why not all three?” [Good choice!  You can never have too many pairs of pantyhose or stockings, sissies.  Remember that!]

“All three it is,” said the Goddess with a hungry smile. She tossed the items to me and said, “Go and try the outfit once for each pair. I want to see exactly how pretty my sissy pet can be!”

I went into the changing room and hurried to get through the process with as few witnesses as possible. At the same time, however, I was also eager to get into the clothes. I was never gay and I didn’t want to be a woman, but I loved submitting to my Goddess. I didn’t want to be a woman in general, but I did want to be her sissy. I wanted to be her slut. I wanted to wear the panties [In short, you wanted to show your devotion by submitting to public humiliation!  Good slut!] And now I did. I wore the panties, and the green tank top, and the red miniskirt, and each of the three pantyhose. I came out three times to spin around for the Goddess. I pursed my lips, I stuck out my ass, and in the sweetest tone I could manage I asked if I looked cute.

“Of course,” she said happily. “You look simply adorable! Doesn’t he look adorable, Katy?”

The employee nodded as she struggled to contain an amused grin. “He certainly does.”

I twirled around for the lady and the goddess, showing off my lovely sissy attire. I put my hands on my hips and struck a variety of poses to the quiet applause and stifled laughter of my audience. [I wish some of you knew how truly adorable pupslave is, as I do, so that you could clearly picture her sashaying and posing with the enthusiasm s/he knows I’d expect, despite her adorable velvety young cheeks burning red with humiliation all the while!] Then I went back into the changing rooms and came out twice more in different outfits to the same routine. When I had tried all three pairs of pantyhose there was plenty more to go through. I did lots of bright colors that made me walk the line between preppy and punk, I went through tees and tank tops, I tried bras to create an illusory pair of boobs at some times and went flatchested at others.I tried for virginal, slutty, schoolgirl, and even biker chick, and Goddess Rachel loved all of it. She even combined my love of petplay with the sissification ritual by putting me in a pink shirt with a dog on it, putting my hair up like a pair of dog ears, getting me into an outfit that somehow managed to support the canine look, and ordering me to crawl on all fours and do tricks until she and Lady Katy were satisfied.