Ready for the next installment in pupslave’s fantasy of sissy captivity hell (or is it heaven?), horny readers?  I know I can’t wait to read it again . . . and again . . . and again . . .  “Come along, then, pup,” she said as she turned to the direction from which she had presumably come. “I have so much more in store for you than what can be done here.”

With that I was taken to the Enchantrix’s car and we drove back to her apartment. As we went, she went on a bit about my training, excitedly discussing her plans for me. I was to be her maid, her pet, her whore for however long she deemed necessary, plus an extra week of play as thanks from my former partner. I listened to the plans, and it all made me incredibly hard. Then we arrived at the apartment, and the transformation from man to slave began immediately.
“Take off your clothes,” the Goddess said. “You won’t be needing them anymore. Go into the bathroom there and you’ll find everything you need to prepare your body. I want you to start by shaving away all your body hair until all that’s left is that adorable mane flowing out of the top of your head, then you will give yourself an enema and then another one until your pussy is clean enough to receive my cock or that of anyone else I decide to share you with, and then you will rub yourself down with soap and perfume until your skin is as clean and scented as that of a sissy should be. Now go and do it; I’ll join you in a moment.”
“Uh, Goddess?” I asked meekly yet urgently as she began to walk away. Goddess Rachel turned back to me with a look demanding explanation, punishment, or both. “With the shaving and all, what do I do about this?”
I had already taken off most of my clothes, and now I pulled down my undies to reveal a large, pink ribbon which had been wrapped around my cock and balls and knotted in a bow. It was the only exception to Lauren’s decision to send me off as a clean slate. A smile formed across the Goddess’ face as she regarded the adornment.
“Remember the way it binds your dick,” she said. “You will untie it for the shaving, and I expect it to go back in exactly the same way.” Then she snatched up the discarded clothes, gave me a gentle shove towards the bathroom, and went outside.
I did as I was told, and shortly after I had cleared away all my body hair my trainer came into the bathroom with a digital camera.  She had me give my name, my situation, and my current orders to the camera as I pumped soapy water into my asshole.  She asked me how it all felt, what I thought of the idea of being trained by her, and exactly how devoted I was to being her pathetic little whore.  I made sure to answer each question as best I could, although it was difficult to concentrate with the stimulation I felt in my ass and the beauty of the dominant lady before me. When I had finished cleaning my body both inside and out, Goddess Rachel told me that she had thrown out my old clothes since I wouldn’t be needing them anymore.  She would be supplying me with panties and other proper sissy clothes, but for now all I needed to wear was a pink collar with the word “slut” written on it in big, bold letters. 

“Oh,” said Goddess Rachel. “And there is one other thing.”

With that she produced a small collar like what she described except that it wasn’t for my neck, but for my dick. It also had two loops, one for the base of my shaft and the other for the balls, and each met in a small mechanism that seemed like it might be more than a mere lock. They tightened until my manhood was properly swollen, and I could tell that while they might make cumming more difficult, it certainly wasn’t the same as an actual cage. I was staring down at my new accessory when the Enchantrix pulled out a small remote and signaled a direct shock to my balls.”Off to my bedroom, slaveboy,” she said through a fit of giggles. “Your collar is waiting there. Put it on, get on the bed on all fours, spread your pretty little cheeks, and wait for me. The rings will shock you at least once every thirty seconds until I tell them to stop.””Have I done something wrong, Goddess?” I asked with a hint of fear.

“Not yet,” she replied. “But I want you nice and eager for my arrival.”

This is too good to stop.  *giggle*  I’ll post the next part right away!