I looked around nervously as I sat at the bus stop waiting for my new owner to appear.  It had been hardly a week now since my girlfriend had discovered my submissive tendencies, and only about two days since she had told me of her decision to send me off to a woman who could train me, turn me into something useful to her.  I might not be a boyfriend anymore, but I might be kept on as a bitch, or perhaps sold to the highest bidder.  Despite being a submissive loser, I was fairly attractive, and with the right training I could be an exceptional slave.  And for that purpose, I had been sent to the same woman with whom I had indulged in my submissive fantasies over the past few months.
“Hey there, bitchboy,” said a softly menacing voice behind me.
Goddess Rachel pulled me around by a handful of hair, seized and twisted my left nipple with her other hand, and slid her tongue into my mouth.  I writhed under the kiss of the Goddess for nearly two minutes as her grip moved across my body to tease and torment me in roughly equal measure.  Then she pulled away, leaving my tongue hanging out to pitifully feel around for the warm flesh of which it was now deprived.  She looked me up and down, taking in the plain white tee and jeans in which I had been sent to her. My girlfriend (if she still was that, which I don’t think she was) had decided to present my mistress with as much of a clean slate as possible.
“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, slut,” purred Goddess Rachel. “I probably shouldn’t have started out with that, but soon your tongue will be . . . considerably less clean, and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity.  In the future you will be expected to clean yourself in preparation for pleasuring me; your body will be shaved, your mouth will be washed out whenever you have the chance after it’s been put to pleasuring me in,” she giggled momentarily, “other ways, and of course your sissy pussy will receive regular enemas.”  Then she considered me for a second and added, “And stick your tongue back out.  It makes you look more like a dog.”
I did as I was told and tried to take in all that had been said.  Self discipline has never been my strong point, and consequently my hygiene was also an area of defect; I had never before paid even a tenth of the attention to my body as it seemed would be required to keep it in line with Goddess Rachel’s desires.

A note from Miss Rachel:  I think s/he’s got Me down pat, doesn’t s/he?  *giggle*