Hello, Horny Readers!

When I left off on the recollection of Our weekend with Our favorite masculine submissive cockslut, I believe he (I suppose I should give him a name–how about DD–for Dickpleaser Danny? *wink*) was just exposing Adam’s big cock and covering it with reverent kisses.

Adam is generally patient at first, allowing a cock sucker to employ all the little details with lips and tongue that express true and devoted oral servitude, but after a while, He becomes so aroused that feigned indifference is no longer sustainable, and one of His hands takes its place on the back of the neck of His cock whore, and grabs a handful of his hair to direct his head.  By now, Adam’s running shorts were down around one ankle, and He absently kicked them off while placing His hands in the customary position, using His grip to non-verbally direct DD to lick His balls.

DD seamlessly followed this physical prompt, inclining his head almost sideways while the whole flat part of his tongue swept back and forth across Adam’s swollen nutsack.  He inclined and depressed His pelvis slightly, letting His balls rub against our submissive cocksucking whore’s ardently swirling tongue, but also all over the rest of his face, up and down from the bridge of his nose to his chin.

By now there was a silvery line of precum dripping from where the head of his slutty cock was pinned against his stomach in erection to the floor beneath him. The stringent cock sucker training I put him through when We first met him (I start with dildo sucking before a slut is allowed to be introduced to Adam) had been well absorbed, and he didn’t dare to touch himself without permission. This permission is usually not granted until Adam is buried balls deep in their guts via their asspussy, and sometimes not even then.  The muscles in his back and shoulders, as well as his muffled and rumbling moans and whines of pleasure and desire, communicated the tension created by his obedient abstinence, and the effort it took to keep his neck loose so that his head, and thus the source of Adam’s pleasure, could be easily directed.

When Adam’s balls were tight and shiny with spit, He adjusted His grip to direct DD to begin licking up and down the underside of His cock, and all the way around the shaft.  DD followed the direction instinctively and seamlessly.  A well-trained horse will respond to the reins with the lightest touch, and it’s an exhillarating feeling to be in control of such a powerful beast.  A well-trained cocksucker is the same way with sucking cock, and DD is an excellent example of that.  I can see that when Adam is using him, but I also know it firsthand, from his training period where I opened up his asspussy and sensitized his slut spot with anal beads, butt plugs, and finally, My strap-on.  Directing and using him is like having complete control of a powerful stallion, but with even less personal will than is generally experienced by equestrians from their mounts.

Eventually, DD’s tongue, with the subtle prompting of Adam’s guiding hands, began looping and swirling around and around the head of My Boyfriend’s cock at the end of each long lick from the balls to the tip.  When Adam moaned loudly with absolute abandon for the first time,  DD answered with his own groan of desire, desire to please.  By this time, I could no longer restrain Myself from sliding My fingers down into My panties and rubbing My drenched honeypot.  I knew from experience that We were quickly reaching My favorite part.

Adam momentarily loosed His hand on DD’s hair (he was used to wearing it much shorter, but We prevailed upon him to grow it just a little bit longer than that, to make a better handhold) and used it instead to bring My mouth to His.  We kissed deeply and long as DD continued his tongue bath.  I slipped the straps of my sundress off of My shoulders, under which I was going braless, and His mouth traveled down to My nipples.

DD was too absorbed in his devotion to notice, even if he hadn’t been trained that he was not allowed to look at Me with open lust as he was other women who had earned him the title of ladies’ man outside of Our presence.  Not one of them knew he was a closet cock sucker, but everything outside of Our home always blew away like leaves when he came to visit, as if there was no other life, as if there was no other him.

Stay tuned!  I hope that left you throbbing!