Hello, Horny Readers!

Did the last installment of My recollection leave you as breathless as it did Me? You know you’ve had a wonderful time when just thinking about it later makes you horny all over again!  Imagine the state of constant excitement W/e three were in all weekend long, and all I’ve told about so far is the first cock sucking!

The erotic energy in the room had reached a fever pitch, with Adam and I making out furiously, Me practicing a form of teasing and orgasm delay on Myself with My fingers down My panties, and Adam receiving a voracious blowjob from our favorite masculine slut cocksucker, whose own cock was betraying his own arousal in the form of copious precum. The pattern of licking went on, from the balls, up the shaft, around and around the head and back down, until breaking from Our kiss, Adam breathlessly demanded, “Put it in your mouth, cocksucker!  Suck it!”

Just as seamlessly as he’d followed every other direction, DD made one more figure-eight loop across Adam’s big balls, up the shaft, cupped his mouth over the head and slid His cock down into his throat pussy like a sword into a scabbard.  “Ohhhhh fuck, bitch!”  Adam cried, and even as his face turned beet red, the tears sprang to his eyes, and his throat convulsed against the invasion of that big cock, DD managed a moan that communicated how clearly Adam’s pleasure was a valued reward.

Adam’s hands took the reins of the hair at the crown of DD’s head and the back of his neck and underscored the already-balls-deep sucking by bridging His hips up from the couch, holding him there.  An outsider might see the scene, His hands pressing down, DD’s red face and trembling, brawny shoulders, the explosion of spit from his mouth and around the base of Adam’s cock, the cords standing out in his neck, and conclude that they were witnessing a coerced cock sucking.  If only they knew how desperate DD was to be used hard, naked and humiliated, treated like nothing so much as an animated collection of masturbation toys.

I couldn’t restrain Myself any longer, and whispered, “Suck it from right there!”  Obediently, despite the strain, I saw DD’s cheeks cave in, his lips stretch, and his throat work, sucking and swallowing as the breath wheezed in and out of his running nose.  “Jesus christ you fucking slut!” was all Adam could manage through clenched teeth.  High praise.

When He let up the pressure and allowed DD to slide His cock out at last, an explosion of coughing ensued, and strings of drool connected the reddened head of Adam’s cock to DD’s gasping mouth.  He kept his hands at the controls, giving DD just long enough to catch his breath before pressing him down once again.  There was no resistance, and he resumed silkily and ardently slipping Adam’s cock in and out of the pussy he’d made of his mouth.  When Adam pressed down, DD swallowed his cock whole, keeping the suction tight and twisting his mouth from side to side to enhance the pleasure as much as he could.

By this point, I could no longer suppress the moans of My own impending orgasm, and I quickly slipped My panties off and threw one leg over the side of the couch, spreading Myself wide.  DD fucked Adam’s cock faster and faster with his mouth and throat, following the lead of His hips and hands.  Finally, when I thought I couldn’t take any more, Adam pulled back on the crown of DD’s head, barking, “Look at Me while I blow My load down your fucking throat, goddammit!” Our cocksucking whore’s watering eyes burned up into His immediately as he continued to swallow and polish.

Time seemed to stand still as W/e all held our breath.  Just before My body began to shake and My pussy to contract with a powerful orgasm, Adam buried His cock to the hilt once again, and every muscle in His body flexed as He growled loudly, over and over again with every jet of hot cream that blasted into the spit-glazed gullet of Our beloved submissive.

Like the good boy he is, he continued sucking on Adam’s cock all the way through, which is no mean feat, considering how big both His cock and His loads are.  So big that even after almost 10 seconds of uninterrupted spurting, He withdrew that big dick all sloppy with spit and stroked a few more creamy white ropes out across the bridge of DD’s nose in a cum facial before letting His head fall against the back of the couch to enjoy the afterglow.  Our devoted cock slut gently cleaned the spit and cum from Adam’s cock and balls, and then slid down to the floor to lay at His feet.

Can you see now why DD is one of Our favorites?

Excuse Me while I wake Adam for some late-night fucking.  All of this re-telling has made My pussy buzz like a nest of hornets.  I hope you enjoyed it, too! Maybe soon I’ll tell about the opening of DD’s asspussy, but just now, I’m as exhausted as if that scene had just happened!

Enjoy your afterglow, dear readers.  Until next time.  *wink*