Hello, Horny Readers, and Happy Masturbation May! No doubt you came here from Mistress Brighton’s inaugural post in this Masturbation May blog train, and I welcome you to My little party! This is the month that, if this Femdom masturbatrix ran the world, would be a National holiday! At least in the world of LDW, it’s the perfect holiday for all of you who can’t keep your hands to yourselves. Or rather, always keep your hands to yourselves. I’m talking to you especially, addicted stroker!

Usually, I think an addicted stroker is better off being controlled by a strict Mistress, but during Masturbation May, maybe it should be the exact opposite! Maybe this one month out of the year, those of you I usually counsel to submit to chastity in order to control your compulsive masturbation should be encouraged to have a free-for-all; to wank, stroke, pound and rub yourselves with impunity!

I’m not naive enough to think the addicted stroker keeps his hands occupied with other things consistently even with the tutelage of a Mistress, but maybe this month, he can be freed from the expectation of shame or contrition over that fact. It doesn’t have much of a ring to it, but maybe you should be able to hit the streets and shout, “Say it loud! I’m a jerk jockey and I’m proud!”

(What would be the gesture to go along with that slogan instead of a power fist? A pantomime of a stroking motion?  *giggle*)

Maybe that would be a good assignment for a fan of public humiliation. Get your poster board and sharpies ready, make yourself a sign with the above, and stand on a street corner proclaiming your masturbation liberation! If you do, make sure you have someone take a photo, and upload it to EnchantrixEmpire! *giggle*

Let the sap rise, addicted stroker!

Spring has sprung, so it only seems natural to “let the sap rise”! This is the month that your uncontrollable urge to pound it is completely natural!

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t change it up a little. Maybe get yourself a new stroking toy! Use a different lube, maybe one that tingles, or try coconut oil, which I’ve heard is a luxurious experience! And most definitely, just because I’m telling you that you can and should stroke with impunity this month, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be edging, and maybe not cumming at all! You should know by now that stroking =/= orgasm in Our world! And I’ll be checking up on you, so make arrangements for a personal tease and denial party with Me, on webcam!

Hey, that sounds like a fun game!  Fun for Me, anyway: Addicted strokers should stroke all they want, all month long, but no orgasms until May 31! Every holiday should have fireworks. Imagine the explosive show I’d get to enjoy that day!

Are you in?  *giggle*

The blog train celebration continues at Miss Erika’s blog.  Check out what She has to say about Hot Masturbation Habits, tomorrow, May 3rd!