Hello, Horny Readers!

Perhaps there are still some of you who would be surprised to know how many submissives in the world of D/s are dominant in every other aspect of their lives.  I assure you, however, that it’s true!  I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard a playmate confess that he has a great deal of authority, power, or responsibility in his professional life, and even in his relationships, but that in reality, he is a secret submissive, and really only  feels sexually fulfilled when he is able to cede authority, power, and responsibility to someone else.

Now, I’m not talking  about dominant males who call me to “experiment” with giving up control on their quest for sexual release;  Often such sessions turn into the potential playmate topping from the bottom.  No, I’m speaking of those who know they are truly submissive at heart, and no matter how Alpha they may be in their day-to-day lives, when they hear my voice on the other end of the line, they know who is in control, and they know that it isn’t them!

One playmate of mine who perhaps best exemplifies the dichotomy between public dominance and private submission is  the epitome of both.  I had him pegged(hee hee) the first time I saw him on webcam due to his clean-shaven face, neatly-groomed hair, and tight, fit body.  He didn’t have a pair of dog tags around his neck at the time, but given that your Miss Rachel has a slight fetish for the Armed Forces, I knew exactly who I had before my eyes.

He didn’t tell me right away that he was publicly one of the most Alpha of Alphas, but I knew, and it made it all the more scintillating to see him face down, ass up, popping anal beads one by one into his tight fuckhole.  He was so vulnerable to me, to his horny submissive fuckboy lust, to the explosive orgasms our conversations inevitably produced in him, and every conversation we’ve had since has deepened our connection.  I look forward to every session we have, not only because they always involve my favorite cocktail of anal play, humiliation, and tease and denial, but because it is so titillating to know that although he is an Alpha male in his life off of the phone, he is my slut and my toy when on it.

Are you Alpha in the streets and submissive in the sheets?  Tell me about it!