And last, but never least, there is Alyssa.  I felt an affinity for Alyssa almost immediately when She joined Us a little more than a year ago.  Call it a 6th sense. But I soon learned that My instincts about Her were well-founded, mostly through reading Her blog.  In it over time, I have found: fantasies of such creativity, they made Me ask Myself how I could think more outside the box; tales of tortuous teasing so diabolical they made My pussy wet; And best of all, imaginings about how and when and why to invade and seduce and punish a man’s asshole so entertaining that they deepened My own love of anal play by the time I was done reading.  In a two Mistress call, I feel certain She could bring the hardcore ever as strongly as I hope I do, or the teasing, or the humiliating, or anything else a playmate might wish for, but not be sure he can take.

To the above, add Her podcasts, some She does with Miss Brighton, and you will discover as I did Her quick wit.  You’ll discover that along with the hardcore there is lighthearted sarcasm and delightful laughter to be had.  And if you don’t want to be humiliated, and you don’t like anal play or anything overtly kinky, or where you are the “s” in the D/s dynamic, you can go to Miss Alyssa for a hot, sensual, straight-up phone fuck, or maybe even a  sweet and loving GFE-type call.  And while I don’t engage in the latter Myself, on a two Mistress call I think I’d be so turned on by Miss Alyssa that I might do some things I don’t usually do.  Don’t get Me wrong–I will never be submissive, and you should ask Miss Alyssa whether or not She ever is before making assumptions, but such is Her erotic pull that I believe She might draw Me in as well as captivating our playmate!

Stop thinking about kissing Her butt! Oh wait–that was Me! Sorry.

Anal play?  What about foot worship?  Look at those FEET!

I wrote above of how I had a feeling about Miss Alyssa from the start. The proof is in this blog post I wrote as a guest in Her domain almost a year ago to the day (how cosmic)!  Since then I have had the opportunity to read all over the LDW domain just how real is the erotic pull and femdom mastery of this lovely Lady.  In the comments section of that post, Miss Rita, who has had the opportunity to play with Alyssa and a sissy sub in a two Mistress call, confirms it:  It would most likely be an unforgettable time for both you and I, horny reader, if you decided to invite both of Us into your secret fantasies and desires.

Have you had a two Mistress call with this dominating golden girl? Please feel free to sing Her praises in the comments section below, and the next time you might want to up the ante in your kinky phone sex play, consider a two Mistress call.  When you do, I hope you’ll think of Me and Miss Alyssa, or any of the other lovely ladies on whom I’ve cast the spotlight over the last two weeks.  There may be more installments of this series to come as I continue to reminisce, but for now, these posts are here as a reference and as a tease in and of themselves that I hope you will continue to revisit and become inspired by, as I have in writing them.

Until next time!