Hello everyone, and welcome to the first post in my blog regarding my life as a Sensual Domme. Please feel free to leave comments, letting me know if something I’ve written inspires you in particular, as well as if there’s a topic of kinky interest to you on which you’d like to read my particular take. I’m glad to have a place to get to know some of you more intimately before we get truly intimate in a phone sex session, and where you can get to know me a bit better–the many facets of my sexual interests, and more.

I thought my first blog entry could be an introduction of sorts, beginning to explain to those who might wonder how a seemingly normal girl from the Midwest ended up interested in the world of phone kink and erotica, and maybe how I’ve become so “advanced” in these subjects at such an early age. It’s a fair thing to ask–I’ve already had it remarked to me on the phone and in chats via instant messenger that it’s hard to believe that I’m 24 (I will be 25 on October 2 of this year), and I’ve heard for most of my life that I am “precocious”.

I credit my supposed precocity on having been home schooled–my parents are hippies in spirit and educators by profession. I was born to them comparatively late in life, a blessed surprise after they had long since concluded that they would be childless. They poured all of their resources into seeing to it that I had the type of education that most people only get in pricey private schools. They supplemented my formal education with a social education in which they encouraged me to think for myself, and to question social norms and authority whenever possible. It probably makes sense, then, that I began to question what was “normal” and “allowed” very early in life.

Sexually, well, aside from the regular and frank conversations about biology, I was left to my own devices–to explore and to flower, and that I did. It is in the course of that exploration that I discovered that I have a natural penchant for sexual dominance, teasing, and denial, particularly over males. It certainly didn’t come from any traumatic experience that made me dislike men or inherently disrespect them. My father, for example, is one of the finest human beings I know, and certainly inferior to no one I’ve ever met, male or female. I don’t connect the things that happen to intrigue my senses and make my pussy wet with disrespect. I love men. It’s just that they make particularly amusing toys, and, I believe, both socially and sexually benefit from the influence of strong women.

How thrilled I was to find, as I matured, that there are men who naturally fall into the role of submissive, men who yearn to please, to worship, to be teased, tantalized and seduced, perhaps into doing things they never dreamed they’d do, by just such a woman as myself! Combine that with the opportunity to connect with as many of these like-minded individuals as possible through sharing my talent for erotic telephone fantasy, and here I am. 🙂

Over time I expect I’ll expand on some of the experiences and trains of thought that have made me who I am today, and of course all are welcome to discuss my adventures with me in a session. I have greatly enjoyed weaving fantasy for the new friends I’ve made, to testing boundaries, both my own and those of others, and hope to do so for a long time to come.