Hello Horny Readers! I have introduced many a boy to the pleasures of ass play, and there are few things more exciting than being present when a boy has his first anal orgasm. That said, a conversation I had today reminded Me to remind you that anal spelunking and punishing your prostate are not without their risks. For example, if you’re not careful, and your libido is bigger than your rectum, or you haven’t prepared yourself properly, you can really hurt yourself. But another danger is getting so obsessed with cumming without touching yourself, or with the aid of an ass plug or Aneros strategically placed that you can’t function any other way!

Now, the only reason this is a problem is because all men who are at least technically heterosexual and are fit for traditional intercourse with women (6.5″ and above) should think of their purpose in life, first and foremost, as for the pleasure of womankind. As far as I’m concerned, your orgasm in this context is mostly irrelevant, so it’s even okay if you can get hard but can’t cum while pleasing a woman with a nice hard pounding. But if you can’t even get aroused without something in your ass, and can’t cum without a vigorous stimulation of your prostate, or if a woman gets satisfaction from having you cum while you fuck her or while she uses your cock in other ways, or if it’s evident that anything other than solitary time with a big suction cup dildo makes you less than enthusiastic, it matters.

I’m talking about this today because I had a conversation with a boy who decided, before he met Me, to satisfy a longstanding curiosity and try playing with his ass while masturbating. Apparently, he achieved life-changing levels of pleasure. He went on about it as if he had found a tear in the time-space continuum, and plummeted right through it. He was already a seasoned and almost chronic masturbator, but had never experienced pleasure like this before, he said.

Great, right?

Except that now it’s all he can think about when he gets horny.

And he has a girlfriend. Who loves to fuck.

Don’t get Me wrong–he can still physically function, but he simply has no interest in fucking his girlfriend with any sort of enthusiasm. He’s been pretending, but isn’t sure how much longer he can do so. He still loves her, and knows she’s beautiful, but he’s been cheating on her with his own asshole, and he doesn’t want to stop. He has become an anal orgasm addict.

What did I advise?

I advised him to confess to his girlfriend, so that she could make an informed choice about whether or not she wanted to continue with the relationship, but I doubt he’ll do that. So I gave him another option:  bring himself under My continued control, allow Me to help him go cold turkey with assplay, and then ration assplay sessions.

Why should he comply, you may ask? Because as in love as he is with the anal orgasm, he is also in love with his girlfriend, and is frightened of where this addiction might lead if he doesn’t get it under control.

I’ll be honest with you that although I intend to help him, I will greatly enjoy his frenzy as he goes through withdrawal.

Word to the wise, aspiring ass sluts!