Hello Horny Readers!

I was inspired to provide a bit of a public service announcement by a phone sex session I had an evening or two ago.  It was a guided masturbation session, and my playmate at the time wanted something new, some ideas on how to spice up the experience for himself.  I suggested (he was not necessarily a submissive) that perhaps he might try playing with his asshole a bit.  Readers, you’d have thought I asked him to run his head through a plate glass window!  “I’m not gay!” he practically shouted.

As a consequence of that conversation, I decided I’d like to visit a subject that may seem remedial for some, but about which time and experience has taught Me there are many who remain uninitiated and ill-informed:  Anal play, specifically,  enjoying it,  has nothing to do with your sexual orientation!

“But you have to admit that most gay guys like it up the rear!”

You know who else likes it “up the rear”?  Some women do.  And potentially, so does anyone with a prostate gland!  Are you aware that you have a potential G spot up in your asshole, boys?  That’s right.  Your prostate gland doesn’t just function as a means of producing seminal fluid and as a throughway from the bladder for the urethra.  It has the potential to give you a great deal of pleasure either externally through stimulation of the area between your balls and your ass (the perineum), or internally, with any number of toys or tools, starting with your fingers.  So in short, those gay men who engage in anal play and anal sex don’t do so because it’s some kind of symptom of homosexuality.  They do it because it feels good!

 “My ass is too tight for that.”

Well, in very few cases, that might be true, though even in those cases, external stimulation of the prostate gland can still bring something new to your guided masturbation sessions.  But unless nothing ever passes out of it that is thicker than a pencil, it’s probably an issue of mind over matter.  You just need to take your time, that’s all.  Warm things up.  Go slowly.  Relax.  Maybe start with the handle of a toothbrush with a condom over it (to aid in smoothing out the surface area).  Then a finger.  Then maybe a small ass plug, like this one.  If you’d like to start out with a little perineum stimulation with the option of working up to insertion, you might try this one.  And when you’re feeling more comfortable, perhaps you’ll want something that stimulates both spots at the same time.  And don’t even get me started on anal beads.  I love them, and for a beginning boy with a sensitive pearl up inside, they can both aid in opening him up, and giving the prostate a quite stimulating massage on the way out.  All in all, there are a lot of options to explore, and your Mistress is bound to be willing and able to help you in choosing a sex toy.

“But it’s dirty!”

But it’s your dirt, isn’t it?  If it bothers you so much, up your fiber and water intake, and make sure you “go” beforehand.  Give yourself a wash.  Or if you’re using your fingers, put a condom on them.  You can also put a condom on your sex toy if you choose to use one, but overall I recommend silicone for when you get to that stage.  Silicone can be boiled for sterilization purposes, so no worries about that!

“Look, I’m just not interested in playing with my ass.”

Well, okay  (though if you consider yourself submissive, I’m uneasy about this level of adamancy when considering something that will make your Mistress happy), but just make sure your disinterest is based in knowing your own tastes rather than irrational beliefs about what it means to avail yourself of all the pleasures of which your body is capable, or ignorant assertions about sexuality and sexual orientation.  It’s fine to play around with those ideas in a session where humiliation based on the questioning of one’s sexual orientation is one of the triggers, but if you’re keeping yourself from trying something that could really make your masturbatory life more interesting, and give your Masturbatrix yet another tool in her arsenal of guiding you to new heights because of fear or ignorance that could be easily assuaged, well, all I’ll say is that you’re missing out!