Hello, Horny Readers!  This post was inspired by an exchange I had on Twitter, with an eager fuckslut who was apparently attracted to My fondness for strap-ons. At one point, he tweeted, “Yeah, you’d love to fuck my tight ass, wouldn’t you?” It rubbed Me the wrong way.  It’s not that I don’t like or want a submissive who’s enthusiastic in his submission.  In fact, that’s often exactly what I seek.  But there’s a fine line between being a power bottom, and topping from the bottom, and it’s all too easy to cross.  I think this potential anal slave crossed it, which is why I was put off.  Let Me elaborate.

The term “power bottom” comes from the gay male world.  Typically, a power bottom takes control of the fucking, and is sometimes dominant.  In fact, some people would immediately associate the designation of power bottom with dominance.  And that’s fine, if you aren’t, in fact, submissive.  Sexy, even.  But in My femdom world, a power bottom can have a voracious appetite and the bottomless pit fuck hole to match, as long as the attitude that comes with it remains humble.  What goes on in your head and what comes out of your mouth is more important than what’s going into your ass, or who does most of the work in deciding how it gets there.

In fact, most of the sissies and bottom boys I play with energetically ride the cocks and strap ons of their choice, once they get broken in.  Both I and My boyfriend agree that an anal slave doesn’t need to be silent, or to be a pillow princess who just stays in what ever position they’re placed  to take what ever is dished out to them (though at times that’s sexy, too, and easiest for beginners).  “Fuck me”, heartily cried, is well-received in many scenes, accompanied by an arched back and plenty of force meeting the top’s thrust.  But a well-informed anal slave knows the difference in tone between pleading and demanding.

I mean, technically, the answer to My Twitter follower’s query was “yes”.  Yes, I would probably like to see his tight asshole straining open around My big fat dong, but if anyone is going to beg, it’s going to be him.  And with the femdom faux pas he made, it would likely be begging Me to stop, or for more lube.

That’ll teach ’em.