Hello, Horny Readers! I love My butt sluts, no matter the reason I get to be party to the spelunking of their slut cave. Some are in training to take a strap on. Some are preparing for or fantasizing about taking a real cock. Some have simply discovered the pleasure to be had from ass play. I enjoy them all.

In addition to the enjoyment I get from exploiting their lusts and catering to My own, they all have something else in common: A tendency to at some point let their libido be bigger than their hole. *giggle* Whether it’s a strap on, an Alpha cock, or their own personal sex toys, many of them have visions not just of being fucked, but of being impaled.

Of course I fully endorse these fantasies, and it’s not impossible to bring them to fruition, but it takes patience, and knowledge. These are things that some butt sluts don’t have, especially if they’ve experienced more intense orgasms from ass fucking than they have any other way, or if in their mind’s eye sliding down something a foot long or longer is the greased chute to subspace. But the alternative to having patience and acquiring knowledge is literally busting your ass, and that can ruin your good time for a long time.

Let’s face it: I know that many of you have heard Me say that I intend to beat up your guts with My Girl Cock, but I don’t (usually) mean that literally. Your literal guts can’t actually take much beating, at least not from the inside.

One of the first keys to safely working your way up in ass play is to go thicker before you go longer, and maybe even just going thicker.

Butt sluts, I know you’ve seen porn where impossibly large cocks, strap-ons, and dildos are plunging in and out of various fuck holes, but you have to keep in mind that those who are receiving the massive penetration have prepared over a long period of time, have worked their way up, and even with experience and preparation, have possibly experienced semi-permanent consequences just the same. That said, they likely started out by opening their hole wider before penetrating it more deeply.

Sure, the potential is there to hurt yourself either way, whether stretching yourself wider than you’re prepared for, or fucking yourself/getting fucked too deeply, but deeper is definitely more unpredictable.


Well, those who have achieved truly deep penetration are actually fucking not just their rectum, but entering their colon. This involves, among other things, negotiating your way around a corner. If you’ve already been fucking yourself and reached what feels like a wall, you’ve come into contact with the aforementioned corner, and going beyond this is dicey business.

This is easier to control if your ass play is being monitored by your Mistress. But some of you real-cock sluts, for example, go shopping on hookup sites in a moment of horny impulse, pick a top based on how hungry his photos make your ass pussy without thinking much about whether or not you can actually take it, or whether or not you should. This is a recipe for disappointing both of you, to say the least. With your Mistress, you know you are entrusting your fuck hole to someone who cares about you, about your safety and your pleasure (underneath it all). You can hope that a casual hookup will adhere to rigorous kink ethics, but you can’t depend on that, can you?

Furthermore, going thicker in ass play or anal sex is good because you may find your desire to feel impaled is satisfied without having to go much longer at all. I’m not saying you shouldn’t aspire to truly big dildos or to satisfy the most hung of stud dicks, but it pays to find out if you can feel what you want to feel by stretching rather than by depth.

In short, I know how willful some of you anal whores can be, and I love it. But be sure to avail yourselves, after this overview, of all the information out there about how to negotiate your ass pussy (and beyond) in a safer manner, before you go to pound town.

Happy fucking!